Love Extraordinaire

A love I have is a love to love. A love I have never thought would be mine. A love where I realized the difference Between pain and joy   People wonder how am I doing With the love I have Or how I love   There are moments I want give up The love…

Oceans You’ve Never Explored

“I’ll swim the oceans for you.” She maybe your world. But you’ve never explored everything about her. She has loads of parts, where different emotions, feelings, and memories were made.  There are stories in each parts. Some may have marks, like the scars you’ve seen from her knee or somewhere on her arm. There are…

This Is How You Lose Her

Tell her how much you love her. Tell her how pretty and kind she is. Kiss her good night. Hug her when she’s sad. Make her laugh. Take her to beautiful places she wants to go. Ask her if she’s okay. Hold her hands. Look into her eyes. Give her kind of flowers. Allot time…


People around her always think of her as a flower. A flower that hasn’t bloom yet. A flower so fresh and no one ever touched her. She depicts beauty. But most of all, the epitome of innocence.

Tonight I Can Write (The Saddest Lines)

I encountered this poem when I was in high school. I remember how we were emotional when our high school professor read it aloud. All of us went “awwww” when she delivered it to us. I remember when she let us read each line from the poem, that made us realize how moving it was….