We Are Liars

Good lovers lie. 

He’s a liar.
He says it’s okay, even though it’s not.
He says he could do it, even though he couldn’t.
He says he’s not hurt, but deep down inside I know he is somehow hurt.
He says he’s not tired at all when I can see him struggling when we’re arguing.
He would do everything just to make me happy. He always try. 
He says he doesn’t love me when he’s angry.
When in reality, I know the main reason he’s mad at me is because he loves me so much that it makes him mad when I do something that can cause me pain and trouble.
I am a liar.
I always smile, even though there are times I want to release my sadness.
I say everything is fine, even if I feel something strange between us.
I say I am done with him, and our relationship, whenever we argue. But I know I cannot do that, and I don’t really mean it.
I get mad when he’s not yet home, but all I want to do is to hug because I miss him beside me.

I always lie when we argue, “I don’t love you.” “I don’t want this anymore.” Yet all that I want you to do is to hug me, and I swear, we’ll be good.

We are liars.
We sometimes hurt each other but we never really meant it.
We have hidden agendas whenever there are things to be celebrated.
We lie to make surprises.
We lie everytime we’re not okay. We lie to ourselves that we have that anger to each other.
We lie to our emotions.

When all we really want is to love each other.


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