22 Reasons Why I Should Love My Life


I know.. I know.. I am getting older and it makes me realize that there is more to come in this life and I am capable of living longer to see the world.

April 12, 2017 – I just turned 22 years old and I am pretty excited for another year of having so much opportunities and chances to enjoy the life I have.

Before, during my teenage years, I was really frightened to get older. Maybe because I was afraid to let go and say goodbye to my teenage years. I told myself that I have things in my mind that I should have done before I enter my 20’s, like going to fun places and travel to different places.

But I realized that hell yeah, they’re right, age is just a freaking number. I am still young. 22 is not that old and not that very young to experience things.

To appreciate more my current age, I did a list on why I love my life. Maybe you could consider my list, too. For you to face bravely the age you have. 🙂

  1. At first, I thought that I didn’t enjoy much of my youth. Others at my age are still outside, partying and having fun. While me, I am busy at work. I realized that I shouldn’t feel sad about it, I should be proud of it. At this age, I feel stressed from work but they’re all worthy every time it’s payday. Lol.
  2. It made me think that I still could go outside and have fun, since I am earning my own money.
  3. I can eat good food and can share it to someone in need.
  4. I have a stable job, though sometimes it stresses me out. I feel grateful for having nice office-mates. Unlike in some movies that I’ve seen, when you’re young at work, people at the office tries to show you some power and do power tripping.
  5. Home will always give me that kind of safety and calmness. It is indeed true that at the end of the day, home and family will be there for you.
  6. Even though my sisters and my brother have less time spent together, we don’t forget each other. We usually send messages on social media asking how are they doing and take note, we love sharing pictures of dogs. Tee-hee. They’re adorable creatures.
  7. And oh, speaking of adorable creatures.. Can I say that I am also thankful for having two amazing happy pills in our house. Our dogs, Cali and Timber, they’re stress-relievers. Believe me.
  8. I know that life isn’t perfect. Who the heck has a perfect everyday life? I guess none. There would be problems, of course. Despite of the things that aren’t in favor to me, I am thankful. Without those, I wouldn’t be strong enough to face and try to fix those.
  9. My Spotify playlist is there every time I go to work in the morning and going home keeping me company and giving me the right kind of vibes.
  10. All the lost battles and arguments made me realize that it’s okay, as long as I had precious lessons to be remembered.
  11. There are people who smiles at me even when we’re strangers to each other, and it’s better when I smiled at someone and they smiled at me. It’s like saying “Hey, ‘mate, have a good day.”
  12. Saying thank you and you’re welcome, or hearing it from someone.
  13. Life is so much better when you do the little things that could make someone happy.
  14. All the humorous, and creative people that also influence and molds me to be the person I wanted to be. Such as the writers I like and the books I’ve read and will soon be read.
  15. I have friends that even though we’re not always hanging out, we still remember each other. That is something. At this period in life, I don’t have enough time to catch up with them. There would be less time because we have priorities such as work and family. At least, we know who’s still there for you. Knowing that you have low maintenance friends is something to brag about.
  16. Me and my boyfriend are still together. One year and eights months so far.. and many years to go.
  17. The hugs and kisses I receive from the people I love will always make me keep safe. Honestly, I have strong desire for physical touch. It is like a therapy for me.
  18. I made mistakes before and there are people who embraced my flaws.
  19. The adventures I seek when I was younger, they’re all coming into a reality. Like going to Japan and Korea. Adventures are the best when you’re with family. I am looking forward to go to other places and with other people.
  20.  I thought was going to be someone who doesn’t have any dreams, and goals in life. When I was younger, I felt to lost, I didn’t know what I want to be or what I want to have. At least I know now, somehow, what are the things I should do. One of it is to live inspired and if it’s possible, be an inspiration.
  21. Every time I wake up in the morning and go back to my bed in the evening, it gives a hope that I can survive any day. Or better yet, I lived the day that He gave me and He always gives me another chance to live it.
  22. My life is unpredictable, and so does yours. We don’t know what will happen next, if we’ll encounter something or if we’ll obtain something good and bad. That’s why I love my life, it always surprises me.

I don’t have any clue if what this year will give me. But I am rooting for all the positivities in life.

This 22 year-old girl will never get tired of seeking for peace, love and new adventure. I know that everything that I want won’t be given to me right away. All I have to do right now is to hustle and do the things I should do.

Until then, my dear reader. I apologize when there are times that I feel so melancholic and I want to touch hearts. He he.

I love you. Take care.


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