It’s a Wrap! (Farewell, 2016)

Saying good bye is one of the hardest thing to do, I know.

But bidding farewell to 2016 and welcoming 2017 isn’t. We all know that New Year celebration is one of the happiest event in our lives.

The countdowns, the firework displays, family reunions and the food fests. Yes, hello to food coma.

Few more hours and we have to say bye bye to 2016. A year full of unforgettable moments that gave us a lot of  emotions. Some made us thrilled, surprised and blessed. Some made us feel the other way around.

But that’s life, right?

Just like other years that passed, it’s always a one hell of a ride. Challenges us at all times. But hey, where are you know? Still there, surviving life.  How do you feel about that?

A year that you thought you wouldn’t overcome. A year that gave you such realizations. I hope that those realizations would be there inside your mind and your heart, for you to be a better person.

Same here, 2016 is a year that made me think of a lot..

  1. Family comes first. Always.
  2. It’s okay to think about yourself
  3. Love yourself, then love others.
  4. At this point of life, you have to set priorities.
  5. Family, career, love life, friends. (list of priorities, in order)
  6. Don’t let that fear to ruin your determination to do the thing you want to do.
  7. Risking but knowing when to risk.
  8. I met people who believes in me, keep those kind of people.
  9.  Let go of all the toxic people. The people that pulls you down, the people who stops you from the things you think will be better for you.
  10. Listening to upbeat songs while going to work in an early morning will maintain the “good” in the morning.
  11. If you want to grow up, learn how to let go of the unimportant.
  12. Sometimes you’d thank the internet connection when it’s not fast, so that you wouldn’t see how train-wrecked the social media nowadays.
  13. The world won’t change if you don’t change. It’s a matter of perspective.
  14. Don’t compare your life journey to others. We have different paths to take.
  15. Do what you love. Love what you do.

And there’s many more in the list.. It’s better if some of it would remain kept to myself. Others are too personal. He he.

2016 is a good one, for me. I hope yours too.

Relinquish all the bad things that happened. I know there are some that are not that easy to forget, because it may have caused you pain. I just want you to be aware that it’s still you, who controls your life. Not the things happening in your life.

Quoting a line from the book that I’ve recently read (Love, Rosie),

“What seems tragic now won’t be an issue in few years time.” 

To more years of never ending journey of dreams, hope, and love.

To a brand-new start.

365 new days. 365 new chances.



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