Long Live My Indie Heart

“She’s addicted to the song lyrics that spill her heart out for her.”

Chillin like a villain on a Saturday night. No, a bottle of beer isn’t required. Not a drama night, too, I’m done with that this week. Lol.

Just myself, my laptop and my newly created playlist.

Welcome back, my Indie side.

Here’s my current favorites:


Oh, my heart hurts so good
I love you, baby, so bad, so bad

Have you heard that LANY will be part of WANDERLAND 2017? Wanderland is the annual music and arts festival here in the Philippines. Featured artist are mostly underground and indie. I’ve attended this year’s Wanderland. I’ve seen Death Cab for Cutie and Bon Iver. Next year would be much better, because of LANY. Are you ready? ย I am ready.

2. Without You – Oh Wonder

And I’m digging down holes without you
Can’t be on my own without you
I’m a little bit lost without you

If you’re going to listen to this song, the intro is kinda familiar. It reminded me of Wiz Khalifa’s Young Wild and Free. Is it just me? Ha ha. The first track that I’ve heard from this duo was Drive. Thanks to a random playlist on Spotify. Listen to it, too! It’s also a nice song.

3. Animal – Miike Snow

I change shapes just to hide in this place
But I’m still, I’m still an animal
Nobody knows it but me when I slip
Yeah I slip, I’m still an animal

This is one of my songs every morning. The beat wakes me up and gives me a positive vibes. I hope Miike Snow would come and visit here in the Philippines. Well, praying for him to be part Wanderland. Getting my hopes up high!

4. Gone – JR JR

I’ve made up my mind over and over
Keep pressing rewind but I’m getting older
Tried every door, don’t know who I’m looking for
And I’ve made up my mind over and over

An official soundtrack to upcoming animated movie, Sausage Party. This song’s indie pop quality has a meaningful lyrics. Try to listen carefully or better yet, search for the lyrics. This upbeat song will make you realize that being yourself is the main key to be happier, instead of pushing yourself to be someone you’re not. It will remind you that no one else has the right to change you, only yourself.

5. I Love You Always Forever – Betty Who

Say you’ll love me forever
Never stop, never whatever
Near and far and always
And everywhere and everything

This song is originally by Donna Lewis. My boss from the office always play the original one. I’ve found out Betty Who’s version on Spotify, and I’ve loved it. The voice and the drums. This song will always be in my playlist!

6. Somebody Else – The 1975

I don’t want your body
But I hate to think about you with somebody else
Our love has gone cold
You’re intertwining your soul with somebody else

Once again, Matthew Healy and his gang stole my heart with this song. It’s a sad song actually. It gives me this idea that being too attached to someone is so hard that you don’t want that person to be with someone else, even though the youย parted ways already.ย Since their debut album up to their new album, I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it.. I am a fan. Watch this song’s 8-minute music video, it could win an award for being creative.

7. Spirits – The Strumbellas

I been looking at the stars tonight
And I think oh, how I miss that bright sun
I’ll be a dreamer ’til the day I die
But they say oh, how the good die young
But we’re all strange
And maybe we don’t wanna change

This hipster-ish song has a catchy chorus. Check out the whole music video. I’d love to sing this song aloud together with a huge crowd. The youth!

8. While I’m Alive – STRFKR

Keep on telling myself to live my life alive
Like everything else
Just keep on breathing and live

This songs makes me sway my body to dance. Ha ha. The lyrics are a bit too odd, but hey, watch the music video too! The guy in tux is so funny.

9. Feeling OK – Best Coast

Today I know I feel ok
Baby look at me with those eyes of grey
But I’ll keep trying to stay this way
I know it’s love that’s got me feeling ok

This indie-rock song cheers me up whenever I feel tired from work or every time I feel lazy on my way to work. The line “But I’ll keep trying.. feeling okay” is tattoed in my mind. This hard rocking sound is recommended to put on your roadtrip playlist. ๐Ÿ˜‰

10. Always – Panama

Always I remember you
Slow down, and try to tell the truth
Always I can recall you
Can you slow down so I can follow you?

My official love song for this year. The first time I heard this song was because of the local love team JaDine (James Reid and Nadine Lustre). They made such a beautiful video and they used this song. Wanna see it? Here’s the link. Right after that, I search the title of that song and tadaaaa!! I found Panama. Few months after I learned the song, Karpos Media (the company behind Wanderland) announced that Panama will be part of the festival.

I went to Wanderland Arts and Music Festival 2016 with a friend and my boyfriend. I had a great time.

I can’t contain my happiness when Panama started to play Always. I had shivers, and all I want to do was to sing aloud and wave my arms.

This song will always give me the kilig vibes. โค

There you have it. My current playlist.

Wave your arms up in the air. Feel the songs. Sing it out loud.

Long live the indie hearts!


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