The A-Z of Things I want (Part 1)

They say that people who are happy are those who are contented with what they have.

To tell you frankly, as a young lady, there are things in life that I still want to have and to achieve.

I think that it is not being not contented, it is about knowing and having goals in life. Nothing is wrong with that.

Some may say that the generation today is full of dreams that sometimes they don’t know how to accept what they have. As part of that generation, in defense for our group, we are seekers in life. We seek for adventures and risks.

Anyway.. enough of the introduction and let’s proceed to the main topic. Sharing you The A-Z list of What Bing Wants..


artI’ve always been a fan of colors, drawings, lines, photographs and architectural  designs. Anything that signifies art.

If I’ll have the chance to let my mind and soul into art, fist things I want to do is to go to museums. Both local and international. It’s always been in my list.

Here’s a secret, I have  a sketchbook that is full of different drawings, doodles and colors. I have it since I was young.


balloonA huge balloon where I can ride. Hot air balloon, dude. Been dreaming to see and try to ride it. Though I have up in the air nervous breakdown, I’d still want to try.

Every year, there’s an event in Pampanga, Philippines. A festival of hot air balloons. Hopefully someday I’ll witness it with my naked eyes.


californiaCalifornia girls are unforgettable.. Lol.

A lot of places are noted if you’d check my A-Z list. One of it is California.

If ever I’ll have a ticket to fly to Cali, I’d go to San Francisco and Los Angeles. I’d like to see Hollywood in LA and the well-known Golden Gate Bridge in Frisco.


driveMy dad promised that he will teach me how to drive but it never happened. I’m still waiting for him to teach me because I’m afraid to ask help from others. Besides, I only trust my dad when it comes to driving.

Long drive somewhere is one thing that I want to do in my life. It may be with or without a company, I might try both. If I have to pick who I’d drive with, I might choose my boyfriend or my bestfriends.

I’d like to experience a one-night trip to somewhere, then go home in the morning without any regrets. (YOLO!)


I know. I know. Europe tour is for those who are fortunate. But why not? Europe is in my list too! Everyone likes Europe. Everyone dreams about Europe. Rome, Venice, Amsterdam, Paris, etc. Everytime I think about those places, cafes, cheese, wines and pastries are popping into my head.



I remember myself when I was younger, watching MTV. The song Glamorous by Fergie played. All I remembered is the line“Flying first class up in the sky. Poppin’ champagne, livin’ my life.”

Always in my mind, I swear to God. Will try to make it possible!


I’m a fan of flowers; roses, daisies and sunflowers. I want to go to a place where there is a huge field of flowers. Well, according to my research (haha, yes I’m googling lol), there’s a wide field of sunflowers at Baguio and Tagaytay.

Oh wait, did I put PART 1 on the title?

To know more about my list, stay tuned for my upcoming posts. It might be the continuation of my A-Z list.

Thanks for reading my random posts about myself. I am totally becoming an open book, but I’m fine with that. 🙂

If you have questions and suggestions, you can leave a comment.



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