What She Wants You To Do

A girl’s mind is unpredictable (Oh, hell yes.), so guys usually end up not knowing what to do to their girlfriends. Sometimes, when your girl isn’t vocal about what her wants and needs, the two of you are having miscommunications that lead to a fight. A fight that both of you didn’t want to occur in the first place. Am I right?

As what is happening right now, I have guy friends who seek answers on what to do with their girlfriends when they don’t even tell what they really want. As a girl, and a girlfriend to someone, I try to help them by giving them list that they could abide in order for them to make their girlfriends happy or maybe happier.

She doesn’t really want that netflix and chill thing that will lead into something more sensual. She wants you to watch a movie with her, with pizza and soda. She wants to share her favorite movies or see movies that she badly wants to watch since its trailer came out on youtube.

She seeks attention. Probably the main desire of your girl from you. She wants your time, as well as your effort to be with her. The two of you may not see each other every day, and she would understand why. She will try to apprehend the instances on why the two of you cannot meet every day. She wants to spend at least a day in a week. Of course, who wants to be in a relationship where you don’t even feel you’re with someone? Make time for her, like how she will drop anything just to be with you.

She is thirsty for adventures with you. Adventures doesn’t mean it has to be grand. It’s not, she just wants to go to different places with you. Take her out, she will never reject your invitations. Take her to museums, eat somewhere she wants to try, take her to parks and playgrounds. Make her feel that going places is better when you two are together.

She may say that she’s not a fan of surprises, but trust me, she will like it. She may tell you that surprises are too cheesy, at the back of her mind, she wants it, and as long as the surprise was a plan from the guy she loves. What kind of surprises? Even the simplest surprise, she digs for it. Give her a piece of her favorite flower, a sunflower, daisies and even a single rose. Send her hand written letters and notes. Make impromptu visits in her place. I swear, she will appreciate every action that you will do just to make her happy.

She’s in joy when she sees people who show off their partners, even in social media. A simple post about her will make her day. She doesn’t want her relationship to be an open book to everyone, but she wants to at least inform the people around them that they are together, and loves each other.  It will give her that thinking that her partner is proud to have her. That will boost her confidence and trust. Why trust? Because you don’t hide her to people, you tell them you are taken by a girl you want to be with for the rest of your life.

She is not confident at all. Tell her how unique she is, that’s why you love her. Tell her you love her. Tell her she means so much to you. Tell her you notice the little things; how beautiful her smile is, how her eyes become chinky when she laughs and smiles at you. She expects you to be that person who will lift and cheer her up.

She will always look for the things that will make the two of you more bonded. Play with her, even video games or board games. Tickle her. Hug her. Make funny gestures with her. Teach her your hobbies. Tell her stories, she will share stories too.

Make her the happiest, she deserves it. She will do the same for you.

Before I end this, here’s something to ponder..

I know that relationships will not be easy at all. There will be problems regarding different things. There will be times that your girl will get too emotional and sensitive. Irritating? Might be. But believe me, whatever happen, if the two of you had arguments, she will stay. That is the greatest thing that us girls we could do; even if there would be a gazillion of reasons to leave in a relationship, we would still search for that reason why we are in this relationship.

Some would say girls are complicated, do you agree?

We are indescribable. We are unpredictable. I’m not saying that girls are all the same, we are not. We are individuals that have different perspective. So might as well, we have distinct likes and dislikes.

But I guess, the above suggestions will work. As long as you are into it. As long as you are sincere in capturing your girl and giving the happiness she deserves.

I hope some of you enlightened by this composition. These are all suggestions, okay? You are not required to these.

Just remember this, if one stops to try… Then sparks would die, flame wouldn’t be there anymore. Don’t stop loving your girl. There would be tough times, but you two could overcome those. If love, understanding and patience would be there.


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  1. I feel like you have read my mind! This is so true!

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