A Beautiful Awakening

Wake up, sweetheart. Another day is waiting for you. Another chance to give your best shot in life.

Wake up, and listen to the sound of the wind. Can you even hear the birds chirping? They might just telling you, “Have a nice day, dear human.” Open your eyes, and open yourself to opportunities this day.

Get ready for what’s in store for you this day. We never know what will happen. Problems may occur, people might do something to you, things may happen.. There are many possibilities. Just like your dream, nothing is impossible.

Don’t be afraid to face this day. If something bothers you, don’t worry. Everything that will happen has a reason. Just keep your faith to Him and He will guide you. He will never let your day be saddened onto something. He will give you the courage, wisdom and understanding.

This will be another day to achieve something you want to do. If you want to try something new, go. Do it.

Love people, just like how your parents and grandparents love you. Give them the unconditional love. Share your life story to someone, or listen to someone’s own story. Help the people in need. Give them hand and support.

Thank Him, for he gave you another day to celebrate and live the life he has given to you. Thank Him, for he didn’t forget to wake you up. Thank Him, for letting you see the sunshine and the clear blue sky once again.

Most importantly, flash that smile of yours. Don’t hide that beautiful curve on your face.
Open your eyes. Get up from your bed. Pray. Love. Work hard.

Good morning. May you have a blessed and fruitful Sunday.


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