Oceans You’ve Never Explored


“I’ll swim the oceans for you.”

She maybe your world.

But you’ve never explored everything about her.

She has loads of parts, where different emotions, feelings, and memories were made. 

There are stories in each parts. Some may have marks, like the scars you’ve seen from her knee or somewhere on her arm. There are marks that are visible and she won’t deny it. There are parts where secrets are hidden. Will she tell you about those?

She wants to share to you those hidden scars, feelings and memories.

But she is afraid.

She worries that you’d feel bad for her. She worries that you might realize that she is no good for you. 

Let her feel your acceptance.

She has oceans. Some can be easily swim, some are deeper than you thought. 

As time passes by, you’ll figure out those oceans. You have to cross it just for you to explore her wilderness. In with that, you’d know her world. You world’s world.

You might be surprised once you tried to cross her oceans. Which will never be that easy. Well, it depends.

If she treats you like you are her world too, she will let you explore.

She will let you inside her world.

She will open the things you wanted to know.

She will tell the history of her wilderness.

Go to her oceans that you have never explored yet. 

Sail and row yourself to her.

After all, her ocean is incomplete without your boat.


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