This Is How You Lose Her

Tell her how much you love her.
Tell her how pretty and kind she is.
Kiss her good night.
Hug her when she’s sad.
Make her laugh.
Take her to beautiful places she wants to go.
Ask her if she’s okay.
Hold her hands.
Look into her eyes.
Give her kind of flowers.
Allot time to her.
Tell her stories she never heard from anyone.
Apologize when you’ve done wrong.
Forgive when she says sorry.
Tell her she’s one of a kind.
Never compare her to anyone.
Make her feel that you’re contented.
Know her interests.
Know her hide outs and secret places to go when she’s not okay.
Understand her when she’s not calm.
Accept the things she can give; personal things, love, patience.
Accept her for who she is; she’s not loud, an introvert instead.
Be honest to her. No secrets. No lies.
What you see is not what you get,
She maybe little but she will try her best to give you everything.
Make good memories together.
Love her flaws.
Love her.

Then change.


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