How are you?

I’m pretty much okay, though the thought of it’s a Monday again tomorrow.. Well, that sucks.

So far, my life is okay. Not that very adventurous compared to previous months. All I did is to hustle in work, which I think isn’t good to my health anymore. I had cough for about two weeks. That’s why I decided to see a doctor. The doctor said I just need enough rest, maybe I’m stressed of everything.. stress from work, I guess. Ha ha.

You don’t even want to know I what I’ve asked from above; I hope I’m not okay from my results and hoping that I have some ill. Just to have a reason to resign from my work. Crazy, I know.

I am not happy at my work anymore, to be honest. I like my officemates, no doubt about it. It’s the kind of work. Tell me, would you like to spend the rest of your day at the office? Like duh, I started working at 8:30 in the morning and has the right to go home at 5:30 in the afternoon.

Let me tell you something, in our office, it is taboo to go home at exactly 5:30pm. I know, it sucks. The worst part of it is, when it’s already past 6 or 7pm, a rush report will be asked from you. That may result into over time until 9pm or sometimes, you’ll end up going out at the office at around 12 midnight.

No more time to have enough sleep and rest. No more time for your self or even to your family or other half. No more time to do extra curricular things aside from your work.

It is lame. I just wanted to run from work and do something that would give me back the determination when I graduated from college last year.

The thing is.. I’m planning to resign. Maybe this year or maybe this summer. I don’t know when yet. If I could just go back to being a student, I would. But nahhh, I’m turning 21 this April.

But if there will be chance that I could expand my learnings by studying again, why not? Taking a masteral degree might take me to a higher level. It’s a dream for me. To take a masteral.

Anyway, aside from work.. about my life, hmm.. I think I’m okay. Family, friends and love, they’re all good.

My parents are still the jolliest couple. My brother is going to finish his studies in medicine that will soon be a Dr. Abella. My older sister is still working while she is reviewing for her board exam, that will soon make her Arch. Abella. My younger sister is studying and now a second year college. She’s doing fine too, despite of all the thesis and other school stuff.

My friends are still around, though we may not be able to see each other always, we still manage. I think it’s part of growing up.. the time for social life lessens. Because of priorities, I guess. My best friends, Z and M are busy hustling in work too. We’re in good terms, so no worries. *winks*

In love.. Oh yes, I am in deep love and blessed in love. Because of people around me, I feel that love is always present. Speaking of love, my love of my life is still there for me. Still understands me, still has a time for me, still listens to me, still gives suggestions, still part of my plans. I am so grateful to have him, just like how much I thank God for my parents. And just like my parents, I wouldn’t trade him for anything or to anyone. 🙂 Their love will always give me courage to not give up on everything that I want in my life.

That’s why I don’t just decide when I have problems. I seek for their opinions first. Lol. I know I should be independent. i just want to know if they have something to say onto the things that I’ll do.

An update from this struggling grown up. There you go. I’m okay, for now. Ha ha. I’ll be fine. I know I can do this.

And if you’re one of the people around me that has a never ending support, thank you so much. Keep on doing it. It’s a big help, seriously.

Take good care of yourself. You may talk to me if you have problems.

B ❤


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