8 Songs In My Life

Well, I guess there is no other way to kill all the feels when it’s midnight, but to just listen to songs and let those songs sing you to sleep.

Since I like music, correction.. love, rather. I want to share to you the songs that are very important in my life, and prolly some lines from that song that made me hooked.

  1. Sing Me To Sleep – The Smiths /Β Stars

Sing me to sleep
Sing me to sleep
And then leave me alone
Don’t try to wake me in the morning
‘Cause I will be gone
Don’t feel bad for me
I want you to know
Deep in the cell of my heart
I will feel so glad to go

My number one lullaby, swear. Sing me to sleep was originally by The Smiths, but when I heard Stars’ rendition.. Maybe I’d go for Stars. I love The Smiths, too. Maybe a version of a lady is more catchy for me. I remember the heartbreak days when I was 2 years or a year younger. The nights where I cry myself to sleep. Lol. Good old times though. Those were the times I would always read a book from midnight til morning. It’s summer, by the way, so no worries if there would be classes.

2. Whatever It Takes – Lifehouse

She said “If we’re gonna make this work
You gotta let me inside even though it hurts
Don’t hide the broken parts that I need to see”

My forever favorite band, Lifehouse. My first loved playlist was almost all songs from this band. Wayback elementary and highschool. Specially their Who We Are album. Whatever It Takes is one of their songs that I would never ever get tired of listening to. Need this song in my life for giving me courage and hope in love, whatever it takes. Aside from whatever it takes, songs like You and Me, Broken and Make Me Over, are in my list too. πŸ™‚

3. Fell In Love Without You (Acoustic) – Motion City Soundtrack

Every aching wound will cauterize and bruise
In memory of what we used to call in love
And only time will tell if violins will swell
In memory of what we used to call in love
We used to call it love

Cutest sad song, I guess? Actually I just like the lines. I can say that I did’t relate my lovelife to this song, haha, just to be safe. So no one will misunderstood why I love this. Maybe if I could relate this to my lovelife, maybe it’s about some past lovers who made my life kind of meaningful and taught me things in life and in love. Maybe it’s my song for those who I had good memories, or maybe not good though. But listening to this song made me realize that endings are not totally that sad.

4. Last Hope – Paramore

And the salt in my wounds isn’t burning anymore than it used to
It’s not that I don’t feel the pain, it’s just I’m not afraid of hurting anymore
And the blood in these veins isn’t pumping any less than it ever has
And that’s the hope I have, the only thing I know that’s keeping me alive

Been a fan of Paramore since day once. Ha ha. No, seriously, been a fan of Hayley WIlliams and Farro brothers since their All We Know Is Falling album. I deeply appreciate that album specially Hallelujah. Few years after, when things changed in Paramore, I was kind of not very updated to their songs. But welcome back to my inner Para-whore, Last Hope is one hell of a deep song. It gave me the same feeling when I first heard the their song Hallelujah. Again, Paramore made a song that will boost up your faith and hope that things will happen eventually. I actually love their live version, which made me shiver.

5. Everything’s Magic – Angels & Airwaves

Just sit back and hold on, but hold on tight
Prepare for the best and the fastest ride
And reach out your hand, and I’ll make you mine
Everything, everything’s magic

For life celebrations, I would like Everything’s Magic as my anthem. For ups and downs, for mishaps and fortunes, all I can say is that; That is life. You’ll never know life if you don’t experience the best and worst. The most important thing is that, just do whatever you want to do to get those life goals.

6. Let Me In – Grouplove

Let me in, yeah, let me get closer
Me runnin’ wild like I feel it all over
Catch my hand, I’ll be fightin’ for ya’

As a lover, and maybe also a fighter. My choice of song, ladies and gentlemen. πŸ™‚ The first time I heard this song was when I watched the trailer of the movie “The Fault In Our Stars” which was a novel and written by one of my most admired writer, John Green. That time, I was sing;e and clueless on who I’ll end up with. It is a feel-good song, honestly, which will leave you smiling and with a thought of, “I can’t wait to see you and be with you.”

7. Out Of My League – Stephen Speaks

cause it’s frightening to be swimming in this strange sea
but i’d rather be here than on land
yes she’s all that i see and she’s all that i need
and i’m out of my league once again

Actually, I have this weird life goal.. Since then, when I was younger I told myself that maybe my dream man would sing this to me. Face to face. Ha ha. What a wishful thinking, right? But swear, it’s my dream. πŸ™‚ If ever that will happen, I swear to God, I will love that person more. Imagine that scenario, all the hearts, flowers, and other love stuff.. and your guy stands in front of you, singing this song. OMG. *hearts everything*

8. Never Seen Nothing Like You – Nate Highfield

But I’ve never found
Someone with you’re heart of gold
From Paris to Rome to places I’ve never known
Nothing felt as right as you and I
And I never wanna let you go

My brother was the one who introduced this song to me. It is one of the sweetest songs that I’ve heard in my entire life. My sisters love this song also. My older sister even made this song her entrance song at her party when she turned eighteen. This song is full of love of a man to his girl. This song might play inside my head once I walk down on the aisle on my wedding in the future. Ha ha, dreams that I will turn into reality. I promise.

Trust me, these songs will give life a meaning. πŸ™‚ I hope you enjoyed the list!


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