The 5 Things I Have Learned This 2015

December 31, 2015
— We’ve reached another end of the year, my friend. I bet you’ve done your New Year’s resolutions (again), which we do not know if we all may really accomplish those resolutions. I remember when most people told on twitter and facebook about their diet, their body goals for 2015.. Ha ha. What happened anyway? Lol. Jokes on all of us who didn’t really do their 2015 resolutions.

As others start to list down their resolutions, here I am reminiscing all the things that happened to me all through out 2015. There is a lot of highlights this year which molded and made me more of who I am right now.

Remember my New Year’s Eve blog post last 2014? (The 5 Things I Have Learned This 2014) So it gave me an idea that maybe I should do this annually, so I could track how my years went.

I thought of posting my achievements and accomplishments this year but I realized that it isn’t “me”. It isn’t how I reflect myself. Let’s just say that I’m more thankful to the things I’ve learned each year than my accomplishments.

Here we go, my dear reader.. The Things I’ve Learned This 2015.

1. You don’t have to please everyone

Not everyone is going to be your friend. Not everyone is there for you. Yes, you are friendly and approachable. There are people around you who’s there to ask how are you. Some will care. Some will not. Some will just care just to know little details about you so that they could blabber it to other people.

As what others said, we can’t please everyone. Others are happy to what you have achieved as of today, but there are people who will pull you down. Would you let them to just pull you down? Of course not, honey. 😉

As 2015 ends, I’d like to let go all the people who aren’t there for me anymore. Until then, my dear friend(s). Whatever happen, I’m somehow glad that you became part of my life.

“We all want to be loved—it’s a mammalian instinct—but you can’t value every relationship the same, and thus you can’t expect everyone to love you the same. Life doesn’t work that way.”

2. Change will help you grow

Like what others say, change is inevitable. And I would like to add, change helps you to grow. No doubt, it’s true. You will never know life if you will not encounter change.

Life without changes isn’t a life at all. Life is not consistent. You will not be happy always, neither sad, nor angry. There will be different phases in life. With those phases, it will develop more of who you will become. It depends on us, actually. On how we will handle the changes that will come.

In my case, change challenges me. It challenges me on how will I learn to sway with it. I have to go with the change, I have to learn to adjust to the changes. Change will not adjust for me, or for you. It’s like learning to overcome all the storms because we cannot control the wind. The least thing we can do is to direct our own sail.

3. Second chances are worth it for the person who is risk worthy

So I learned to forgive, I learned to give another chance. Why? Because it is worth to try again. Trying means risking. Risking means adventure. Adventure means experience. Experience that will lead to growth. 🙂

I promise to myself and to you, whatever happen, I will never give up on you, on us. Finally, “us”.  It feels so good every time I wake up looking forward to be part of my every day life.

I know that both of us have flaws and I hope that those flaws would turn into our strength for us to be better for each other. You know who you are, my love.

4. Family is EVERYTHING

Since my brother started his study to be a doctor, he’s taking medicine, our family became more passionate to each other. Maybe that became one way for us to realize that we should be more loving to the family that we have.

Every time my brother come home, we usually hang out by going to church on Sundays, eating dinner somewhere and watch movies at the cinema.

New year’s eve is kind of sad actually, but it’s okay. My brother won’t be able to go home because he has a duty at the hospital. We all know that all those sacrifices will soon be worth it, once he become a doctor.

Right now, all we have to do is to be understanding, be patient and have faith.


Tell this to yourself,

Dear self, you are worth all the effort, the sacrifices, all the blessings that you are receiving. All those things are for you, claim it, take care of it, embrace it.

I know that sometimes you want to quit already, don’t quit. I know you can do it. I just hope that you’ll find strength from that people who support you since the beginning. Do not forget them, they’re willing to help you.

Rest if you are tired. You need it.

You deserve all the good things. You deserve better environment. You deserve better people around you. You deserve a better life. Just wait for it. Work hard for it.

You can do it, I know you can.

You are beautiful, inside and out. You have a beautiful heart that people would always look forward when you’re around.

Love yourself, and love others. Without love, life is meaningless.

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope that everyone is safe this New Year’s Eve. Cheers to another year of new chances, new beginnings and new learning!

Hello, 2016. We are so ready for you. 🙂


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      Happy new year! 🙂

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