My Grown Up Christmas List

It is December already and you know what that means, right? Family gatherings, putting up displays such as Christmas trees and lights, carolers, catching up with friends, a lot of food and of course, I know you have prepared list.. GIFTS!!

So let me share you what’s inside my head when I realized that Christmas is near.

Since I am a working girl now and somehow grew up, my Christmas wishlist became longer compared to my past year’s list. Ha ha.

To my friends, family, my boyfriend, to the people who wants to give something to me this holiday, here’s a guide. HAHA!

My grown up Christmas list.

  1. Helaine Runner (Off white)

Because white/ off white is love, since the first time I saw a picture of this kicks, I told myself “You are for me. I am for you. I want you.” Seriously. I badly want this pair of shoes. Helaine RunnerPlus, I just checked out Helaine runner at a Lacoste store few weeks ago and the store manager told
me that Helaine runner (off white) will be released here in PH before December ends.

2.  Onesies


Been wishing to someday have something like this. How about twinning with someone wearing onesies? A bestfriend or a boyfriend will do. Really. Isn’t it cute? Also, been thinking that this could be a Halloween (cutie) costume.


ULTIMATE CHRISTMAS WISH! (Since last year, #Girlboss2014)Obviously, it’s the
book that empowers women.
I think this book will definitely change the mindset of every girl, or should I say “women.” That in order for you to be on top, you need these
essentials (hard work, patience and be a badass).

4. Papemelroti Wall  Decors

Wall decorI was thinking, what if I re-decorate my bedroom? Then I passed by at a Papemelroti store at SM Sta. Mesa and saw these kind of wall decors.

Might fill my walls with these soon. Might buy one piece or two pieces per month. The big ones are kinda pricey, but it’s beautiful. Specially when there’s a meaningful quote written there.

5. Aldo satchel bag

Every working girl’s want, a bag that will make her stand out while crossing down the busy streets. A Gillian or Watervalley bag from Aldo this Christmas, please.


6. Dirty Pretty Things by Michael Faudet and Memories by Lang Leav

For all sucker for sweet (and sometimes naughty) words, for people who adores wise poems about love life.. Michael and Lang’s writings are for you. Lang’s first two books, Love & Misadventures and Lullabies made me fall in love more and made me believe in love.

Dirty Pretty Things     Memories

7. ???

I’m running out of material things that I want to have. Well, here’s m main wish this Christmas, to be happier than before. I hope that people in my life right now would never leave. I know it’s impossible, coz we all know that some people would never stay.

I hope that The Man From Above would always guide me and the people I really cherish. I hope that people would live with lots of love from their hearts.

I hope that whatever happen, good or bad, I would overcome those. Because I know I can and I will.

Wishing not only myself, also you, my reader, of a never ending experience in life to grow more and learn more. I wish you abundance in love, happiness and blessings.

Have a Merry Christmas! Enjoy the holidays with your loved ones. Don’t just frown and better to go out and feel the season.


B ❤


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