Being The Romantic

When I was younger, I used to read my mother’s books which were mostly romance. I used to watch Disney princesses with their princes. I adored how Minnie Mouse flirts with Mickey Mouse every time I find time to watch their show, colored or the classic black and white. Since then, I love to draw hearts and color red makes me smile.

As I grew up, I learned the different types of love. Love from your parents, siblings and relatives. Love from your close friends. The love from different people that you meet every day. And never forget, the most addictive type of love, the love you didn’t expect to be that important.

People who are close to me would always say I am a deep person. Sometimes I would like to ask them, how deep? or what kind of deep is that? I am just being a romantic, and it took me years (or a long time) to determine what kind of person am I.

After all the things that happened to me, after knowing the difference of love and hate, the difference of crush, infatuation and love.. I guess, I am a romantic.

I love to talk and act as one. It makes my heart grow fonder.

I know I’m this melancholic girl that easily overthink about certain things. But I also have this personality of vulnerability and loving the life I have.

I remember there was a time I told my mom, “Why other people are affectionate and there are some who aren’t?” I even asked my parents, when I was in grade school, why they aren’t that affectionate to each other. My mom explained to me that as people grow older, as partners, there would come a time where you don’t bother about each other’s passion for one another. My mom told me that when partners grow older, the top priority isn’t the love for each other. But rather, how to keep the family in a harmonious living, being financially stable so that responsibilities to the children could provide. That made me realize another type of love. The love for the family and children.

But I am a romantic.

Right now, my dream when I get older is to have someone I can still kiss and hug in front of our (future) kids. Where kids would definitely know that love isn’t just having someone to accompany you in life but also help you to overcome and give you the meaning of life.

Being a romantic isn’t easy at all. When my boyfriend would tell me he loves me, there would be times that I would reply him how much I love him.. in paragraph form. I love romanticizing words. I love poetry. I love how words could touch the souls of people. The worst part of it is when there are people who aren’t a fan of love, they would probably say,

“That is disgusting.” “That is weird.” “You are a psycho.” “Too cheesy.” It still depends though.

Being a romantic is being lovable. Lovable in a sense that you should posses this positive vibesΒ in life. What’s the point of being romantic if you are too melancholic?


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