If You Think The Feeling Is Gone

The worst part of being in love is weighing things if the person you love still loves you too. It’s hard when you have doubts, not because you’re thinking that he/she has someone else. It’s just that, you can’t feel that he/she still loves you.

You’re still convincing that he/she loves you just like before.. But it’s not, in reality.

As time goes by, things change. People get tired, sometimes they tend to stop what they were used to do before. Maybe just like how sweet a person is. Before, he/she will always show how much you mean to him/her. Now, maybe things became a little bit different. Maybe, just maybe, the affection became lie low.
If you would ask me about that, I believe that when you love a certain person, your feelings wouldn’t change. I think if you’re on the verge of being annoyed to your significant other, you’d still find your understanding and patience to him/her. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll get tired. But if you really do care and love him/her, you’ll bounce back and will make something that could lighten his/her undesired feelings.

In my opinion, one should never let the argument or any misunderstanding to ruin how kind, how sweet, how affectionate you are to your partner.

Remember the days when you really want to pursue each other? Think about that. Would you let any problem to screw and wreck your relationship?


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