Ever Enough

I don’t have much to offer. But I’m all yours. I’m here for you, in good times and bad times. You can call me every time you’re sad. You can share me your thoughts.

I’m here if you need a hand to hold onto. If you’re cold, I’ll give you long hugs to keep you warm. I’d tell you butt-cracked jokes just for you to smile. I’ll be that somebody you could lean on.

I’d give anything just for you to stay. I never want to beg for someone stay. But if it’s the least thing I could do, I’d do it.

I’ll be patient if it takes you so long to get there.

If that’s not enough, just remember that you have all of me. I hope that’s enough.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. sunaholic says:

    hey, i love your blog! I love this post it’s so inspiring! i just started out my blog & i would be stoked if you could check it out and give me feedback! im looking forward to more of your posts!
    -cristina ☼

    1. bingabella says:

      Thanks so much! Sure, will check out your blog. 🙂

      1. sunaholic says:

        No problem&thank you xx

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