How to Keep Your Girl

Keeping a girl is one of the most important thing when it comes to relationships. Maybe the other way around also, keeping a guy is also important. Anyway, as a girl, I’m going to write this one for the guys to have a little know knows on how to keep your other half.

She’s your babe, honey, love, bae or whatever pet name it may be. She loves you that’s why she’s with you. Imagine, even though sometimes you suck and screwed for few times, she’s still there for you.

So right now, I’m going to give you some hints on showing your appreciation to your girl.


No side hoes, no low key girls, no babe number two. Tell her your everything, because she’s not only your lover but your bestest friend you’ll ever have. Well, aside from your mom or your sibs, she should be next on your list of “I should tell her this because she’s kinda like my diary.”

I think no girl would ever like to have a fake relationship, right? Maybe some would say that there are some girls, too, aren’t loyal anymore to their man. Believe me, there are still these kind of girls who are stick to one and down to only one.

Be honest. Never lie and never cheat.


Don’t change the level of your intimacy or how you show your love to her. Don’t shift from 100% to zero percent sweetness real quick. If you made her fall in love before, don’t stop on making her fall in love every day. For her, she wants to feel she’s important to you and she wants to feel that every day seems like you’re still courting her.

Have time for her. Even the “Good morning, love. Have a nice day. I love you.” Would definitely lift her up and would make her smile. Not only mornings, even nights. She wants to know that she’s the first and last girl you’d think about before you sleep.

She wants your attention, your time, your effort.


She didn’t stay just for the sake of a show. She’s there for you not because of settling to have a partner. It took her some time to find the person she thinks she deserves.

Dig deeper into her soul, know her more, and don’t stop on embracing her even in her darkness.

Don’t be like the other guys who just settle for mediocrity who don’t like to improve the love they have with their girls. Everyone should always remember that, “You are more than this. You deserve more than this. You are not typical. You are special.


There would probably girls who would say they don’t like gifts and surprises, but believe me, they, too, are sucker for that.

It isn’t just about the material things that you could give to her. She wants memorable days with you that she could treasure for the rest of her life. She wants to experience a one of a kind day with you. Bring her to places that will remind her that the world is so much better when she’s with you. Take her to adventures, ran away and escape from the reality with her.

Be her happy pill and make her the happiest when she’s the loneliest.


She’s your girl. She’s part of your life. Or maybe she’s your world?

Let her in to your life. Share what kind of life you have. Tell her how you feel. Tell her what you want and what you need, so she can do the same, to cater you. Tell her your fears, tell her your dreams, and tell her your story.

Let her meet your friends, your family, and other people of your life. So she won’t have any fear of who are you with and what kind of people you’re with.

Let her in and she’ll do the same.

There are many more ways on keeping your girl. It still depends on you, on what do you want to do and what you are capable to do just to be with her.

Just remember that a girl is a precious creature that should be respected, care and love. A real girl or woman will give back those. She will keep you too, because she knows that she’s on the right track with you. Whatever happen, good or bad, she’s with you.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. sulagno13 says:

    Girls are really so sweet and sensitive. All they need is a little care, love and attention 🙂

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