Only You Can Give Me That Feeling

As I sit on my bed before I decide to sleep, I think about everything that happened between us. From the day we chose to have our separate ways to the day we tried again. Time flies so fast, a lot had occur already.

Every detail of our story are still written in my mind and my heart.

From the first time we’ve met despite of the crowd that night way back 2013 until this week’s Saturday night we’ve spent together. From seeing each other that I’m wearing school uniform to wearing corporate attire. From eating ice creams to rolling the pizzas hand in hand. From trying something new in milk tea shop to chilling in coffee shop. From walking down the streets to riding taxis.

Do you remember the first time you kissed me? Do you remember the first time I kissed you?

When was the first time I said I love you back? When was the first time I hugged you?

All my favorite things to do when I’m with you.. Comparing my hands to yours, looking how small my hands are. There you are saying mine fits yours perfectly. The way I look at you when you’re busy doing something else. My pinches, my never ending monkey-like hugs. My most favorite thing to do, wrap myself around you.

All the things you do to me, always make me smile. You never fail, my love. Your hugs from behind, the forehead kisses, the way you hold my face when you kiss me, the way you look at me (Oh yes, I always caught you looking at me) like you win at life. When you touch my back and play with my hair. The way you grab my hand.

And all the crazy and weird things we do together.

You are the person that I never thought would be mine. You are the person that still sticks even through my bad days. You are the person who knows how to make me smile and doesn’t need to try so hard. You are the person who lifts and cheers me up when I feel so small. You’re the person I always choose over other people. You’re the person I want to be with on future weekend getaways and holidays.

So many plans and so many things I want to do with you. So many places I want to see with you. So many days and nights I want to spend with you.

Life goals. Relationship goals. You’re present there.

Sad poems. Sad letters. They were lessen already. All because of you.

I will always be here for you and support you in all of your plans in life. I’ll do my best to make you smile even on your downfall. I will never get tired of listening to your stories.

I will always love you, even the worst parts of you.

Maybe we’re not that really old and not that really young.. but guess what? I don’t want to find someone else anymore.

Remember your usual question if I’m sure about you?

Yes. You’re the person I want to spend the rest of my life with.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. sulagno13 says:

    So lovely keep it up ❤

      1. sulagno13 says:

        And how are you dear? What are you doing aftr college

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