Please, Don’t Let Her Go

How does it feel when you think you already met that someone you want to spend the rest of your life with?

Are you sure of having a forever with her?

We never know what might happen on the succeeding days, but the most important thing is… you should cherish and appreciate her.

You shouldn’t just take her for granted. You should love her with all of your heart. She’s willing to give everything to you. Her time, her efforts. She will give the world to you.

She may be moody at times but believe me, when she asks you to don’t mind her, that’s the time you should really mind about her. She may rant about every terrible thing that happened to her, just be understanding. She needs someone that wouldn’t just easily gives up on her.

tumblr_mx1xvh24Zu1siyfmdo1_500She may be like a baby that cries about simple things. She may laugh like a man. She may be sensitive at times. She may not talk for a minute while you’re with her. She’s difficult to understand, but please, be patient. She’ll be fine in time and definitely be better if you showed her you’ll never get tired of her.

She may randomly text and call you. She will tag you in every facebook post and tweets that reminds her of you. She may bug you telling she misses you. She may hug you all the time, and might kiss you repeatedly. I hope you wouldn’t mind because that is how she shows you much you mean to her.

She will patiently wait for you when you’re working into something. She might fall asleep, but remember, she still waited. She had this hope that you two could have a time for each other.

She may bring back the history about how awful she felt before. Always remind her that she’ll never feel that way again. She wants assurance that she’ll experience the realest love that she could ever have.

Do you still want to be with her even though she has a messy mind?

I hope you still do.

She loves you the way she never loved anyone before.


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