The End

As we go on, we remember all the times we had together.

Some endings are also beginnings. Ending something doesn’t mean you are closing your book. An ending is like a finished chapter from your book. To make your book more interesting, you add chapters.

A friend of mine once asked me, “How could I move on from this hurt?”

It takes love from people around you, courage, patience and enough time.

I think it’s time for me to apply this to myself.

Fdownloadew more days left before I say good bye to college life. Marking the date, April 13, 2015. Preparing myself to be tough enough to let go of the things I should let go.

Another date to remember, my 20th birthday will be on April 12.

That is tomorrow.

Good bye, teenage years. Good bye, college.

Hello to another year of living in a world that is full of surprises, blessings, opportunities, obstacles and many more things that are waiting for me.

“Am I ready?” I asked myself.

I should be ready. This is what life is, you have to move forward for you to live. I believe you’re not living if you don’t feel alive. I have to keep the fire burning. My perseverance and motivation to achieve all the things I want to have and to be who I want to be.

I have a lot of plans next week, actually. Not to catch up with my long lost buddies but maybe to do something I really need to do for me to survive the post-graduation feels, job hunt.

Little by little, I’m trying to accept this reality that I’m not just a kid anymore. That this time, I don’t have to depend to some people.

I want to break free.

No, I don’t mean to be a rebel.

But I want to be more matured and live as a young-adult that will soon be an adult.

I’ll definitely miss all about my teenage life and my whole college story. The dramas, the escape routines with friends when we feel sad, the struggle for having good grades, the who-am-I phase, the time when I failed at something… so many things happened that I couldn’t enumerate them one by one.

I’ll miss the university that became my home for 4 years. I knew from the very beginning that I belong there. Goodbye, Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila. I’ll be back soon. I’ll visit you, promise. Thank you for all the memories that we shared together.

To my teenage years, I’m letting go of all the unnecessary.

I will still be the Bing Abella before, I’ll just be upgraded.

I don’t believe in change, I believe in progress.


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  1. sulagno13 says:

    ohh soo sweet and it feels so nostalgic when you told about the wonderful days of your college and teenage life. Though i am in my 2nd year in college i miss my teenage the same way as you do, though i turned 20 last year in 2014. The way you described made me go nostalgic and go back to my school days. I miss them i really miss my teenage. But its all part of life and yeah i agree, I don’t believe in change, I believe in progress. I wish a bright future ahead. 🙂 🙂 And yeah its goes without mentioning…..wish you a very very very Happy Birthday my dear in advance. Have a blast and make this 1 your most memorable birthday. Love you dear take care. 🙂 🙂

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