You Are So Much Stronger Than You Think

The smallest light still shines in the darkest night.

Living in a world where people are so judgemental is not easy. Who would love rumors? Who would like to hear lies? Who would want to receive below the belt criticisms?

Those who know me personally would think that I don’t have any problem regarding people judging me, I may say that, yes, there’s no one judging me. But it’s not true, there will always be few people who would say such criticisms about you, no matter how kind you are to them or no matter how hard you try to be a better person.

That is how the world revolves right now, contained with some people who wouldn’t let other people to do good. Because they believe that when people do well, they’re just faking it.

I’d like to share this story of a friend who wants to help peoplelarge

The thing is, he wasn’t very nice before. Because of some realizations while growing up, he learned that maybe it’s time for him to be serious about life. He consulted some people on how he would be able to be a better person. They all said that it is only himself who could point out what he could do.

He decided to be someone who he really wanted to be. He got so famous about his activities and good deeds for the people around him.

What happens when someone starts to go up?

Someone will drag you down.

He promised himself that no matter how tough the situation is, he wouldn’t just easily give up. If you would ask him what he would prefer, die fighting or fight dying, he would probably say fight dying. For him, dying is like surrendering and abandoning all the things that he started fighting for.

I’d like to remind you, let them to be a better version of them.

Support them. Because by supporting them, they would do better than they planned.

To all people who feels the same way; Hang in there, love. You gotta hold on.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. sulagno13 says:

    well done and yeah i do support such people as i try to get inspired by them 🙂

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