The 5 Things I Have Learned This 2014


Last hurraaah for this year!

They say this is already the last page of our 2014, page 365 of 365. What do you think happened in your entire 2014? Did it became good, or better from what happened in your 2013?

2014 became a tough year for me, if you would ask me. A lot happened, some good, some bad. 2013 is still my favorite year. Nevertheless, I still loved my 2014.

As usual, I’m grateful for everything that I received this year.

Before I decided to post this year-end blog post, I thought of having “10 People I’ve Met This Year” or “5 Guys I Dated This Year” or it could be “10 Things A Girl Can Say To Those Who Left Her This 2014” HAHA Kidding.

newyearHow about listing down THE 5 THINGS I HAVE LEARNED THIS 2014.

New learnings, of course.. They will always be there. In every experience, in every people that I meet, in every place I go, I always gain something. I’m a great believer that there are reasons and purposes on why things happened to me, to learn.

  1. Who Really I am.

2014 became a year that I have to assess myself on what I really want in my life and what are my capabilities. I’ve thought a lot, since I’m graduating soon. Few more months, hopefully. This year, I found out more who I am, and who I should be.

When I was younger, I dreamt to be a nurse someday. I was really wrong. I didn’t want to be a nurse. I took a business course and this year, I’ve learned that I want to be engaged in fashion industry or be part of a magazine team. Public Relation sounds good. I want to socialize and be active. I realized that I want to study again after I graduate. Not a four-year course, maybe a short course will do. I’m planning to take Fashion writing or maybe Fashion Merchandising where I could use what I’ve gained this college (business talks) and where I could put what my passions are, fashion and writing. They’re just plans, and still trying to figure out what can I do to grab those dreams.

  1. People Come and Go

Thanks for those who I just met this year, 2014. In my 19 years of existence I have learned a lot of things. I’ve learned that every time we meet new people, not all of them are going to stay for the rest of our lives.

Some may stay.

Some may leave.

And there are few who goes back.

I’m happy and sad about this one. On how some people tend to leave those who became part of their lives. On how some people would say “I’ll always be here for you, no matter what.” Or “I want us to work out things.” Whatever. I’m done with those bullshits.

So.. Thank you to those who stayed and lifting my middle finger for those who left me. Booyah.

  1. Appreciating What I Have

2014 became my year of appreciating more of what I have. I’ve focused more on my friends and family. I did some catch up to some of my highschool friends. I’ve said sorry to those who I’ve hurt. I started to care more to those who care about me. It is in my list, appreciate those who prioritize you and I’m doing my best not to let them down.

Speaking of appreciating, it is also loving the tasks that I encountered and still encountering. For example, works regarding school and organization. They’re stressful, for sure. But the stress lessens every time I think about enjoying that things I do. Tiring but fun.

  1. How To Love

It is about loving myself first before I love someone else. I realized that this isn’t my year to have a special someone. I can’t give love to someone if I can’t love myself first.

Is it wrong to say I dated some guys this year? I’m not rude, so that’s why there were some that I’ve said yes when they asked me to go out with them. For me, there’s nothing wrong with that. It will serve as an experience and there, you will realized if there’s something wrong with you. I even thought that maybe it’s time for me to kiss dating good bye for a while. Idk. J

  1. Take It Slow

I can’t type anything right now. I just thought that maybe I’ll make this list into 4 learnings only. Then I heard John Legend’s Ordinary people which my favorite line is..

“We’re just ordinary people. We don’t know which way to go. Coz we’re ordinary people. Maybe we should take it slow.”

Here’s a story from what happened to me last summer, we had our internship. I worked as an intern at a company somewhere in Manila and I’m with my classmate (and one of my college best friends). I became very futuristic that I started to get bored in making my last months in university very productive. I thought that maybe I could just work right now, but no, I still have to earn my degree. Just like my father said, “Ngayon ka pa tinamad, kung kalian patapos kana. Tapusin mo na yan.”

Another story, I met someone that changed my life. He became that guy I wanted to love but I can’t because of some circumstances. We ended up being just friends. He likes me. And I like him, too. But we can’t be together. So we choose to stay as friends. We’re still in the process of being friends. He tell me stories. I share stories. We’re good. Definitely take things slowly. Whatever happen in the future, I know that it is worthy that we landed in a good decision.

And yes, I learned not to rush things.

Just like in other things, I shouldn’t just do actions or say words right away. I have to think twice or thrice or more than that, just to assure that I will end in a decision that I will not regret forever.

How everything can change in a year? A lot may happen. And I will always fond change. Just like what Heraclitus said, “The only thing that is constant is change.”

Are you ready to open another book and start to page 1 again?

Thanks for lending some spare time to read this one!

Happy New Year, everyone. Keep safe! xx


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