“Years from now, will I still write about you?”

You’ve been part of my life. Since the day I met you, I know there was something special about you, about us. Others may call it “sparks.” I don’t know. You’re just different. My feeling for you is different.

I’ve been writing/ composing blog entries since I joined tumblr. This wordpress account is more personal, I think. You’re that someone special so that’s why there are some entries about you.

tumblr_static_tumblr_maoaubjog61re1a3so1_500I met a lot of people already, there are some entries that are for them.

Since the day I met you, I wanted to write more. You became one of my inspirations. Maybe it’s your eyes or your loud laugh. Maybe it’s because of the depth your personality, even though you’re like a class clown. Maybe it’s the way you make me feel so safe. Maybe you make me happy, sometimes sad.

Poems were written. Stories had been told. Articles were made. Lists where you’re part of it. You’re always the subject. You and I are the main character. What I feel for you is always the subject.

I wonder if you think that I write about you? Do you even have a clue that I write? Hopefully you don’t have any idea about my writings subjected to you. But somehow, I wish that you visit my page and read my everyday inside thoughts about different things or people, including you.

Sometimes I would probably tell myself that maybe it’s better when you know what my url/ my website is. So you can visit it then and you would figure out who are you to me.

Until when are you going to be one of my inspirations?

I don’t know when to stop.

If I’m in good spirits and merry, I would write about you. If I feel so screwed and miserable, I’d still write about you. How utterly rad that would be? Ha ha.

Until when will I write about you?

As long as you live and as long as I live. As long as you’re part of my life, you’ll always be one of the main characters in my stories. So far, you are my favorite.


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