Where You At: First Ever Quezon City Food Festival

October 11, 2014 — As part of the celebration of Quezon City’s 75th anniversary, one of todays “food hub”, Maginhawa area had its first food festival. The “Eat Street” is a food haven located in a 2.2km stretch Teachers Village.

I was asked by my guy bestfriend, Nebre, days ago to go with him on that festival, I said “Yaaasss. See you!” right away.

We arrived there at almost past 3 in the afternoon, a bit late because the festival started at 9am. Strolling along the long street of Maginhawa, we saw our high school friend, Jayster! What a coincidence! We haven’t seen each other for so long. We decided that we three should tag along.


We went to Caffera, a photography themed coffee shop. It was my bestfriend, Zia Dejolde, who told me I should visit the shop. I tried their Mocha Frapperture (Pixel) and the cutie Camera Sugar Cookie.food2food3

Wfood4e walked and tried other food offered along the street. It was pretty enjoyable seeing a lot of different people. From children to teenagers, to the older ones. Every shop have their own pakulo/paandar just to catch the attention of the people.


This store was actually caught my attention because…

BOOOOOOKKKSSS!! Bookayukay is also located at Maginhawa Street. Books for sale at very affordable prices. This is perfection!

I told my bestfriend, “Oh my God.. books. Wait. I have to go back here. And wait, I have to take a picture.” Ha ha!

It’s almost getting late so the three of us decided to eat dinner. We went to Takeiya and I had a Cordon Bleu. Forgot to take a picture because I was too tired from walking, seriously. 😀

We dropped by at Cool Beans Library Cafe because I was invited by a friend. After some chitchat with them, we went for another walk at the loud and crowded streets of Quezon City.

Present also were bands like Calla Lilly, Moonstar 88, The Marty’s Band and more, Oktoberfest brought to us by San Miguel. I can remember the smell of sweat, cigarettes and beers. It was cool though! 🙂
goof4Before we went home, we headed to Frosted Desserts, because I was craving for something sweet. So I ordered Strawberry milkshake. Yay!

food5I got home by ten in the evening. *not really sure* I had a lot of fun, for real! Hopefully next year, there will be another food festival! 🙂


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Looks so much fun! Esp the book store!

    1. bingabella says:

      Very fun indeed! The book store’s a nice place. 🙂

  2. Ayos yan a. Sayang di ko napuntahan

    1. bingabella says:

      Hopefully next year meron ulit then you could go! 🙂

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