Here’s To The Dreamers

I always like the idea of the never ending browsing on the internet. Not for stalking nor knowing someone else’ private life. But I like it because it answers my questions. Every time I am curious about important things like events, photography, fashion, art, literature, showbiz, music.. I say, Hallelujah and thank God, there’s the internet.

There’s this one night when I was looking for some fashion blogs and looked for some interesting things, like maybe I should get some inspiration. I found myself clicking on a facebook page of a newly created lifestyle brand, blog and portfolio of a fresh graduate of some prestigious school in the Metro. It is a nice page, though there aren’t so much things posted yet (because I told you, the clothing line just started).


A video! And it really caught my attention because of the title, ” Here’s To The Dreamers.” I smiled, I know there’s something good in it. Here’s the video I’m talking about.

“It’s like being in love with a woman and she treats you terribly. But you don’t have any choice ‘coz you are madly in love with her.”

“I think it is more as my purpose in life.”

“Everyone in here is working on something that means something to them.”

“Since I was thirteen, I always knew I wanted to do this.”

“At this point, the thing that drives me more than anything than writing is the fear of failure.”

“My biggest fear as a writer is that nothing that I write will never be made.”

“It kinda scares me a little bit sometimes, but you have to chase your dreams and passion.”

“It is a gradual process and it takes time.”

I would like to share how great the video was. To all people just like me, who want to pursue writing, you better watch this one.

I quoted some lines from the people who were interview. They basically told us what is writing for them, or what does it mean to them. But the most beautiful line for me, was this..

“It’s like learning an instrument, like you’ll spend years learning it and being not kind of terrible at it. And then, all of a sudden, it starts to click. But it takes all those years of not giving up while you are terrible about it and continuing to do it. And just not let anyone to discourage you.”

I agree. When you want something so much in your life, you don’t just easily give up. You work hard for it. You learn and earn from it. I know that I may not be very good at writing, as of this moment but I promise, I will be better. This is what I want and what I love, to write about something that will inspire or maybe make someone smile, even just for a while. 🙂

Here’s to all the dreamers out there, let’s all chase our dreams. Always remember that, “Dreams won’t work unless you do.” We have to get up and work on it. Because dreaming isn’t just about imagining things, we have achieve those.

Goal digger, yes!


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