To The Lost Star That Will Soon Light Up The Dark

tumblr_mx59jfC4791t455e8o1_500I know you’ve been so lonely for the past few nights. You can’t stop on thinking about that someone that became a big part of your life. I know you’ve been crying so much on how you’d deal on this situation. I’ve been there, someone giving up on you. It’s not easy and it’s hard to accept. You want to fight for what you guys have, but what stops you from doing that?

The fact that the one already gave up and will not do anything.

It’s difficult to continue on fighting if you’re alone. It’s like walking on a dark road, where no light could be seen. You and your other half, you’re like a song that cannot be finished, because there are no lyrics to be added anymore. You’re like an artwork, without any color. Your life is in black and white since the day the other one left. It seems like you’re in a circus when you guys were okay, loud and happy. Now you’re in an abandoned place, no one’s there for you.

You want to keep on running, but how far can you go? It’s like you’re catching a bird flying freely. You don’t even know where are you going. You’re now lost, lost in dreams and reality. The one was once yours is not yours anymore.

You’d think that no one else will understand you. You’re wrong. You would sometimes think you want to disappear but all you really want is to be found.

I want you to know that sooner or later, there will come a time where there isn’t any pain anymore. Everyday is a struggle for you but look on the other things around you. You may lost a person, but life doesn’t revolve to only one. I want you get up from your bed in the morning and look forward to better things that may happen. I want you to sing songs and dance to the beat. I want you to feel that you’re not alone, you’re loved and alive. You’ll gonna appreciate and love your life, I promise.

Just like Kristin Martz famously said, “We lose ourselves in the things we love. We find ourselves there, too.”


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