Heart Stands Still


“We all get addicted to something that takes away the pain.”

Coffee, cigarette and a book to accompany me this night. It’s not yet that late so I stayed at this coffee shop near our place.

Sipping the caffeine, inhaling the smoke, understanding every word.. All of them are useless. I still think about you.

I still think about everything about us. I cannot believe we’re done already. I can’t accept that you choose her over me, to that bitch who knows nothing but to just flirt. I understand, I can’t give you that thing. No doubt, she can give that to you. She almost dated everyone from our school. That’s what you want from the beginning, right? You’re after it. It isn’t love, my darling. It’s lust.

I almost had three sticks of cigarettes and I guess, it’s okay. Few more sip to my coffee then it will be empty. One last chapter of this book about being cheated. What a combination. Ha.

I will now pack up my things, I better get going. People in the house will be worried where the hell am I again and they may think I’m with my girl friends having fun again.

So I will go now to chill them out.

Oh.. wait. There you are, douche.

Crossing the street, walking towards to.. what? A hotel?

And you’re with her.

P.S. This is just a short story. I added a new category to my blog (Fiction), this may help me to write more stories. Maybe somehow and soon, I may be able to make a good read, a novel. Dreams. Dreams. Dreams. 🙂


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