Skip Ad? Not Always

“Sam Smith I’m not the only one” Those were the words that I typed when I clicked the mouse on the search bar of For music, that’s why I went to that site.

Here’s the most unexpected thing that occured earlier.. Usually, when we play videos on Youtube, there will be ads where you will wait some minutes or seconds for it to be able to stop and “skip ad.”


When I clicked on the play button, a short video (the ad I’ve talked about) about Iran played. The video was pretty interesting so I let it play continuously instead of clicking “skip ad.” What really caught my attention was when the guy from the ad said, “Why do we have to stop Iran from getting the bomb?”

I didn’t find it annoying or useless. That was the first time I didn’t click the skip ad option. The video was great and very informative which I think could help everyone to be aware of what is happening around us.

When the ad ended, “Join Prager University” was at the end. I searched for the PragerUniversity on Youtube and saw a channel that has a lot of videos.

The videos are very educational. They would open the eyes of every one who will be able to watch those. The topics of the videos are relevant to our lives, that I think we should know. There are issues about what are the current events, explanation of different things; feminism, happines, economics. So I watched other videos from that Youtube channel.

Here are the top 3 videos that made some impact to me: πŸ™‚

1. Why Be Happy?

Our happiness affects others profoundly. That’s why happiness is a moral obligation. We are morally obligated to act as happy as possible, even if we don’t feel happy. People can’t be guided by feelings because it is how we act that affects others not how we feel.

One should endeavor as much as possible to act as happy as possible as often as possible. No matter how unhappy you may feel at any given moment, you can and have to make a decision on how to act. We may not be able to control whether we feel sad or happy but we are free to control what we present to others. That doesn’t mean we don’t share our feelings including our bestfriends especially with our spouse, of course we can.

You don’t inflict a bad mood on anybody. We all have the capacity to control how we express ourselves, no matter how we feel. Obviously, we can control our moods. We even have the power to affect how we feel , not only how we act.

Abraham Lincoln famously said, “We are as happy as we decide to be.”

Being happy is good for us and it is what we owe everybody who is in our lives.

2. Why is Modern Art So Bad

From Leonardo, to Rembrandt, produced works that inspired, uplifted and deepened us and they did these by demanding of themselves the highest standards of excellence, improving upon the work of each previous masters and continuing to aspire to the highest quality attainable.

But something happened on the way to the 20th century. The profound, inspiring and beautiful were replaced by the new, different and the ugly. How did these happened?Β It was pushed out. Standards declined until there were no standards. All that was left was personal expression

“Quality of art is not merely a matter of personal opinion but to a high degree. objectively traceable” According to Jakob Rosenberg.

Not only the quality of art diminished but also the subject matter has gone from transcendent to trashy.

3. Feminism 2.0

A new feminism for the 21st century, there are three (3) pillars to this feminism: Dignity, the word “NO” and Men.

Dignity is at the core of what feminism should always beΒ about. A woman should always be freely choose her own path in life. A new feminism will value and respect all responsible choices.

The second pillar of the new feminism is the word “No.” The is great power in the word “NO” and women for the most part knew had that will of power. But in the last few decades, they’ve lost it and the consequences has been catastrophic. Feminists were angry at men but they wanted to be like them at the same time. No wonder our society is confused.

Saying “NO” means.. I will not be defined by anyone else. Not by feminists. Not by men’s sexual desires. That is female power.

Men are different from women. Academics like to speculate that men and women are basically the same but they only socialize differently.

But as George Orwell famously noted, “That’s an idea that only an intellectual would be foolish enough to believe.

Women must see men as partners, not as competitors or oppressors That’s a way to a new feminism.

There you have it, reader! Try to watch those links above. I deeply encourage you to watch and hopefully, you let the videos somehow made you think better. I know all those vids are educational and not just a video made for business.

Thanks, Prager University for giving me such information. At least, I learned a lot of things today. And to Youtube, for being the medium on why I got to that channel. Ha ha.

So now, I’m telling you that not all ads on Youtube are all crap and useless for you. Some can lead you to better things. Just like what happened to me. πŸ™‚


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