Tonight We Are Almost Perfect

I went out to the exit where you were patiently waiting for me. I was wearing my favorite pants and a simple pretty top. You were there, smiling at me from afar. I walked towards you and you walked towards me. We looked at each other’s eyes, seems like saying “I’ve missed you so much.” or maybe “You look great.”

I wanted to hold you or at least hug you, but I didn’t.

You asked me where do I want to go even though you already know what you want to do with me. You were this shy guy who was slightly afraid that I might oppose to what you want.

“Let’s take a walk somewhere.” You said that.

“But I am tired.” I replied.

But I took it back, because I saw from your eyes that you really want to be with me for long. So instead of going to the bus stop, we went somewhere. A place where the kids were running freely. A place where you could see a lot of very happy people. A place where you could see big lights, keeping the city awake. A place where you could hear loud music but it didn’t bother us. It was pretty overwhelming.

You were blissfully looking straight at me. You were telling stories, which made me laugh really hard. I looked back. I felt how comfortable we were to each other. You and I didn’t mind if one said a bad joke, or if one had a weird laugh.

We were very close to each other while walking and talking.

You looked somewhere around and walked ahead from me. While I was behind, I was smiling, thinking that you’re not just someone.

“I know this may sound crazy, but I don’t want go home. Can I be with him forever? I can’t imagine what life would be or what waits for me, for us, when I wake up in the morning.” Talking to myself.

You looked back at me, and smiled. I smiled back.

There was it, less talking.

That was the time when I realize that you are someone special. Right now, I’m figuring out how special you are to me.

P.S. Sharing a song from The Perishers entitled “Nothing Like You and I.” This song suited that story from above. I don’t know. I just think this one’s a perfect song for every long walks with we the one we really like.

“We spend some time together walking. Spend some time just talking about who we were.. As our hearts started beating faster, I recalled your laughter.. There’s nothing like you and I, nothing like you and I.”


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