The Struggle Of Every Writer

“Writing is the painting of the voice” – Voltaire

Writer, blogger, composer.. whatever you are, when it comes to writing, these people have the same struggle.

What will be their subject, or the topic.

I just finished another episode of The Carrie Diaries where the main character, Carrie Bradshaw had a difficult time on finding out what will be the subject of her essay for her writing class.

“Here’s the thing. Whatever you least want to write about, whatever scares you the most that’s what you have to write about. That’s the good stuff. Truly great writers can’t stand a safe place.” Weaver, Carrie’s boyfriend.

Carrie ended up on writing about something that gives her that unsafe feeling, or what gives her fear. She ended up writing about sex, a topic which makes her so uncomfortable.

Even myself is having moments like that, where I don’t know what to type to my word pad which I will later post to my blog. I usually just post here what I feel right now or what is currently happening today.

Sometimes, I like to talk about more detailed things like being in love, being confident, conquering the challenges, achieving your dreams, personal issues and many more things.

When I feel bored, all I want to do is to read first or watch something then I’ll write down what I think about those: a review, lessons learned, if there is something that inspired me.

I always wanted to write about my life, because I want to be an open book for everyone. Not for fame or popularity but because I want to be someone that people will always remembered as the girl who has a big dream and will do anything just to achieve those.

What if I don’t have anything to share but I really like to write?

There’s a lot of things that is happening under the sun. But there will be times where I feel so blank but I want to tell something.

Earlier, I told about the episode where Bradshaw is struggling on what  will be the subject of her essay. Her boyfriend, who is a writer, told her that it is called “Writer’s block”. According to Wikipedia, writer’s block may have several causes. Some are creative problems that originate within an author’s work itself. A writer may run out of inspiration, or be distracted by other events.

So here I am, I am running out of ideas. But when there’s a lot of things in my head that I want to say, I can’t commit to any of them.

Yes, maybe I need an inspiration. 🙂


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