Don’t Forget; Re-live The Memories

It’s the 3rd day of September 2014. Wow, time flies too fast!

Today is something special, not because I am with someone but because I’m trying to recall all the things that happened to me for my entire nineteen years of existence. I decided to reminisce and while I am touching the keyboard, I am having mixed emotions. Right now, I feel delighted and I am smiling.

“Time flies, but not memories.”

– Ika Natassa

My childhood; my first school ID picture where I cried because I was too shy for the camera. The piano at the prep school I’ve been playing when waiting for my mom to pick me up, where I just pressed any keys and didn’t care how bad I played it. My elementary best friend who is already in Japan now, I remember when we had our play time every Friday. And instead of Barbie, we had Bratz. Ha ha. After school days, the long walks to my friends’ house, the teasing, and the games. My ultimate crush that time who is actually still my friend now, who I usually bump into when I go to my school. Finding my skills in drawing and my love in photography and writing. I was once a photojournalist when I was in elementary and a school newspaper staffer. The little fights I had with my elementary best friends because of the misunderstandings. The first time I had a guy best friend who is one day older to me and until now, we are still close to each other. Slam books and autographs everywhere, where you have to put almost everything about you; your motto, your hobbies, your favorites, and naming who was our crush or I should say who were our crushes. Plural, yes. The first boy who was brave enough to hold my hands. It was so cute that until now, I can still visualize how he held my hand, cold and shaking. Learning that I was too young for love so I never said yes to any suitor when I was in grade school.

Finding myself; high school, another level for me that I should step up. Being a class officer, treasurer to be exact, was one of the most stressful job for me. I learned to be more sociable, had new friends, be happier. But high school wasn’t all fun and games, there were the sad times. There were times that I will see a friend who’s crying because he/she is hurt, because of what? Love. (The cheesy part) In high school, I learned what love is. They said that even though I’m not in grade school anymore, it’s still early for me to know about love. They were wrong. There’s never an exact age to know what love is. Love will just come into your way, you won’t even point out that love is actually there already. So there, I was in high school when I found myself very much in love. Young love, they said. I remember my first real kiss, the sweetest and most innocent way to show my love for someone. The times when I am with my guy friends, not caring if I’m one of the boys. The music my classmates made during breaks, singing with them while the others were playing guitars and beat box. There were cool teachers, there were the terrors. The greetings from different people that I know from different sections. But I am not one of the popular girls. I was this simple girl who had braces, wore headbands or sometimes clips, tanned, skinny and average student. I never had a spot light when I was in high school. I’m not into joining academic contests, and not even active on extra-curricular agendas. Plain Jane, that was me.

To be matured. To experience new things. To take a new adventure. College is far different from high school. But basic mean girls are still present, the common jerks are present, the teacher’s pet, groups are still there. I found new group of friends, and I am proud to say that they are one of the best! In college, a professor (that happened to be our class adviser) told me that I may be very simple but there is something about me which I have to enhance. He taught me to be more confident, and be who I want to be. A fearless girl, who is ready to take chances and will never slip any opportunity away. I learned where my heart really belong, fashion and writing. Two different things. Why those two? I started to watch live fashion shows 2 years ago in Philippine Fashion Week. It’s pretty fascinating, seeing runway, models, designer clothes, hearing the clap of the crowd at the end of each show. As a fearless girl, I did different things in college, I joined two pageants and even became part of a political party which is very different from the Bing I used to be in high school, the very inactive girl who just go to school to study and see friends. I met new people, some are still part of my life today, but there are some who eventually left. It’s not new anyway. People come and go. As I grow up, I learned that there will be people who will drag you down even though you didn’t do anything to them. There will still be meanies who will talk about you without you knowing it, and the most unexpected is, they are close to you which is very disappointing. So I learned to segment people in my life, family, best friends, close friends, friends, and friends because they need something, just friends on social networking sites not in person. Haha!tumblr_l85qiyQeZI1qdweto

There are many more things that I want to tell to you, reader. Unforgettable experiences that I will soon tell. These are just some part of my existence in this world.

Many more years will come and I am very eager and excited to meet other people, go to new places, and learn new philosophies in life. As I told myself some months ago, I am not going to stop learning and gaining experiences because those things will be the one responsible on molding who will I become in the future.

The clock says tick tock and time will never stop. There are no rewind and cannot do fast forward. All you have to do is to enjoy what you have right now, even though there will be the tough times (because there’s no perfect life, you gotta experience to fail). So I’m telling you, live the life you want to live. Do something to achieve what you want to achieve. Don’t just wait for something to happen. Say what you want to say.

Don’t take time for granted. It is limited.


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