Not Missing Out The Fun On Adventures

CARRIE-DIARIES_320x240That’s the thing about goals, when we focus too much on our end game, we can miss the fun of the journey. We can miss the detour that would take us even some more rewarding. We like to set goals because they can give us a feeling of control, but control is an illusion. Because sometimes the earth moves, we have to deal with wherever we end up, whether its on solid ground or not.

– Carrie Bradshaw, The Carrie Diaries Ep.06 S1, “End game”

Yes, everyone of us has an adventure to take and to make. It’s normal that when we try to go on an adventure we have already envisioned what we want to achieve. But always remember that in everything that we do, it is important for us to enjoy and love what we are doing. You’re not doing it right if you’re not really into it. It’s true that you’re going to miss out all the fun and excitement if you’re only looking directly at your goals. How about letting yourself to surf along the waves of the ocean? 🙂


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