5 Things That I Think About During Rainy Days

C360_2014-08-05-15-27-17-820[1]Cuddle weather.

Bed weather.

Snuggle weather.

Bad weather.

Whatever “weather” is that, we’re all talking about only one weather. Hello there, rainy day/s!

Every time we experience rainy days, we always look forward to things, like suspension of classes, wearing your sweater and pajamas (thatย you haven’t wear for a long time because of summer), food we should eat, more quality time with family.

They said that rainy days could make you feel gloomy and be melancholic at all. Why? Sometimes you just chill a your bedroom and listen to music. The worst part is.. the music that you’re listening to adds the loneliness that you feel.

Some would think about a lot of things, tons of ideas, problems, thoughts.

If you would ask me what are the things that run into my head every rainy days, here’s my answer..

1. It’s cold and I’m very lazy to take a bath

HAHAHA. Of course, it’s a hard decision to make! Since it’s cold and you’re just at your home, there wouldn’t be any dirt. Right? Just kidding! Anyway, during rainy days, I take a bath late at night, every 8 or 9pm. Just for the sake of the idea that I took a bath. =))))

2. What should I do instead of laying down on my bed?

I try to read whenever I don’t have anything to do. Sometimes when I already finished a book and not in the mood the read another book, I go to my favorite place.. A small space upstairs where you can find my long time friend, that little organ. I used to play piano when I was in highschool but later on, when I went to college, I already forgot how to play piano. I love to play Canon. Right now, I’m back to basics, learning again, just like the old times. Another thing! I usually write my thoughts in my journal or try to draw. Well, obviously.. I’m a right-brained. ๐Ÿ™‚

3. The Chill Pill Playlist

Just like what I stated above, it is already granted and matic when raining.. You should have your perfect chill pill playlist. Get your earphones, plug it to your gadget, play your favorite songs. During sunny days, I have my happy hipster playlist where you could see Be OK by Oh Honey, Book Club by Arkells, Turn It Around by Lucius, and many more. Sometimes, I turn on my EDM playlist where you could see the names like Alesso, Zedd, Hardwell , etc. But right ย now.. what do we have here, in this kind of weather? How about some Lana Del Rey and Bon Iver? What a sappy playlist.

4. Cravings, cravings, cravings

FOOD. I need food. We need food. I want food. We want food. I know I’m not the only one who is looking forward to momma’s very own porridge (lugaw in tagalog) or how about the bitter sweet champorado. Ugggh. Cravings!!

5, How are you?

Yes, you. How are you, my dear reader? Are you okay? I hope you’re doing fine. Hopefully, you and your family are in a safe place. Just chill for the mean time. Rest your weary heart and mind. Remember, there’s a rainbow always after the rain. Gloomy days will soon be over. Smile! ๐Ÿ™‚


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