An Open Letter To My Bestfriend

Every time I think about my highschool days, a lot of people enters to my mind, From teachers, to classmates, to past love interests.. and who could not forget the one of the most amazing person that came into my life, my bestfriend.

Don’t get me wrong, but there are some who would I call bestfriend too. Zia, Nebre and others, I feel very blessed to have them.

To my sister from another mother.

To the person who became my crying shoulder during my downfall.

To the girl, now a woman, who became very brave and never let anyone stop her from getting her happiness.10445950_10201432204086056_5805372017049846064_n

Ma. Regina Grace Vergara Bio, happy birthday.

I can’t think of any special thing to give you on your 19th birthday. I wish I could at least hug you or kiss you on your cheek to tell you how much I miss you. Maybe to blog something about you will do.

We became somehow friends when we were in elementary. We weren’t really close that time because we had different group of friends and we had different “bestfriend” Haha. The funniest things was, I never thought we could be like this, to be bestfriends.

Highschool came in, we were in the same school.

Remember the times when you accompany me every dismissal and going home? Wow, very boyfriend-ish. HAHAHA!

Remember when we went places with Kristin and Regine? The computer shop days! HAHAHA!

Remember when we met someone at Linear Park and he became our friend (and even became my crush)? No dropping of names regarding guys, btw. πŸ˜‰

How about the rainy days? Where we let ourselves soaked in water and didn’t mind about our wet socks.

Good old times.

It feels so good every time I reminisce.

Very nostalgic, isn’t it?

Now we’re in college and later on will graduate. *hopefully* It seems like there are many changes, to you, to me. But one thing for sure that will never change is the friendship that we have. I don’t mind if we just seldom see each other, go out, eat together.. the most important thing is.. we never forget.

I will always be here for you no matter what. If you need me, just text or call me. I don’t care ifΒ it’s 3 in the morning, if you need someone you could talk to, I’m willing to stay up late. No matter how small or big your problems will be, I’ll do my best to help.

You’ve been there for me since day 1. From the moment I cried because of something, to the times I feel such excitement and happiness. You’ve seen me in my worst, and I saw you at your worst. We’ve been through almost everything together. I don’t care if there’ll be people that will ask us, “Are you lesbians?” HAHAHA.

I hope you’ll have a good day today, I know you will. Always wear your smile and continue to be humble and nice to everyone.

I’ll see you soon. I miss you and I love you. ❀

Happy birthday! πŸ™‚


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