What Made You Happy Today?

One of my favorite days, Thursday.

I like my class schedule though I have a 7 in the morning class. My professor in our E-commerce subject is one of the coolest and happiest faculty that we have. So.. I can’t tell any problem why would I go to class late or just absent. I’m not a morning person but since I have to go to school and would really love to hear our prof’s hilarious way to teach, I attended the 7 am class.

On the way to school, I didn’t encounter any problems. It wasn’t stressful compared to other days. I texted my friend, Candy, I thought I was going to be late. Fortunately, there wasn’t any traffic.

I went to our college building, walking happily. Thinking that today is another day to live and celebrate life. You know, the simple happy thoughts that will make my day brighter.

Pretty overwhelming when someone compliments you, right?
Our professor, almost every meeting, usually says how special I am.

“Abella has the x factor, you know. Simple lang sya pag normal na araw pero pag nag ayos o inayusan, iba eh.” That was flattering. I smiled. šŸ™‚<3

After E-commerce class. Vacant. Three-hour break.

Where to go? Mall? Stay inside the university? Go to a fast food?

We had our lunch at a large and very comfortable canteen (resto-like place) of Manila Bulletin. Good food, affordable and student friendly, nice ambiance.. We usually eat there, since 2nd year college. Now, we’re in our senior year. Time flies so fast. Danggg.

As usual, we ate a lot, Yes, a lot. And talked about different things. The best part of it, by the way, was the laughter. The happiness and laughter that we shared together as one, as barkada. The pain in the stomach when you really can’t stop laughing, that’s the best pain. And the tears, tears of joy. HAHA!

Last subject for the day, Income Taxation. Our professor there’s a guy and he’s nice. Very nice that he lets us to sleep while having a class. But even though he let us to do that, I didn’t. I am kind of afraid that he might get angry if a lot from the class tried to sleep. There was I think 2 or 3 people who slept. That was funny.

When the classes were done, we walked onto the hallway. I asked my friend to accompany me to the school cr to pee. The funniest thing was, my friend saw her crush. HAHAHA. She was very intimidated and very kilig at the same time. It was uplifting, seeing your friend very contented and enjoying the moment seeing her special someone. She was like a child given a piece of lollipop and very satisfied of having it. We stayed at a shed for a while to have more time for her to see her crush even just from a far.

Me and my other friends already told her few days ago, “Make a move, for him to notice you.” And she’s doing it right, I guess.

We parted our ways on the way home. But I went to mall first to buy a red and black Sharpies. Yay! For the love of art.

I headed home and rest for how many hours? For like 4 hours? Not bad at all.

Now, it’s already 3 in the morning and definitely will go to sleep in a few.

I had a good day, just like what I am praying for everyday I wake up, everyday I pass by Quiapo church.

How about you, what made you happy today? šŸ™‚


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