Summer Bummer


“When I met you in the summer
To my heartbeat sound
We fell in love
As the leaves turned brown”
– Calvin Harris

Summer bummer here. Had my internship for about “almost” my entire summer. I’ve work at Intercrew Agency Philippines Inc., together with my gayest and most fab friend, Carl. We had a daily routine this summer, wake up-work-eat-sleep. There were times I spend nights with my highschool friends where I end up loosing some of my moolah because of spending too much on coffee, food, drinks, etc. I decided to catch up with them though I have a hectic schedule.

Summer is also about knowing new people, making new friends. Yep, I had new friends from inside the office to outside. It was fun though, knowing there are people who are interested to know more about me. Some asked me to hang out with them, but I refused. Ha ha. Because they are guys. And I believe, guys will be guys. So it’s a no. “Delikado” in tagalog, that’s the right term. Funny how some of them are already taken and they would like to go out with me. Meh. No dropping of names, because we never know, someone might reading this and tell their names. Lol.

But what if someone might turn my summer from lame and boring to happy and exciting? Now I’m wondering if I have met this person already.


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