Ain’t That Easy But It’s Worth It

“Love is old.
Love is new.
Love is all.
Love is you.”  
— The Beatles

She’s lovable. She’s easy to be with. She cares. She appreciates everything. She deserves to be loved.

If you want her in your life, accept her for being her. She may not do everything correctly. She may not know other things. But because you want her in your life, you have to support and help her. If she can’t do a certain task, lend her a hand. Reach out to her. She may be made up of different flaws but show her that for you, she’s still the most beautiful and wonderful person.

If you want her in your life, you have to understand her. Both of you are differet individual, chances are you guys may have similarities but not about everything. You may like to go to cinema and watch a movie but she prefers to just watch on the television and sit or lay with you on the couch. Maybe you want to take her outside and go to fancy resto, but she prefers home-made cuisines and she wants to be just simple, even if the two of you will just eat bacon and eggs.

If you want her in your life, be proud about her. No girl wants to be denied by a guy. There are some jerks who just want fling and secretively flirting her and she doesn’t like it. She wants a guy who will be proud enough that she’s the one he’s been looking for and the one really wants.

If you want her in your life, be honest to her. Never ever tell a lie. She hopes for a guy who is open to tell her stories. She doesn’t like fabricated ones, she wants the truth. Even though in bad times, though she may be hurt, she still wants to hear from your lips what is the truth. Honesty builds trust.

If you want her in your life, respect her feelings, thoughts and emotions. Show her you admire and appreciate her opinions. Listen to her point of view.

If you want her in your life, learn to communicate to her. By listening to her, you will know more about her. You’ll soon recognize what are her likes and dislikes, needs and wants, dreams and plans.

If you want her in your life, show dedication and commitment. Show to her, don’t just tell her how much you want her to be part of your life. Remember, actions > words. Be there for her always, as a lover, as a friend, as an adviser. She’s not just an option and she doesn’t want to feel the second best. She deserves to be a priority. She’s not afraid to commit, she’s afraid to commit to someone who won’teven bother to commit to her.  

She’s a puzzle and a riddle to solve but if you want her in your life, never let her go. Keep her. Stay. Don’t leave her. Love her with all your heart and your soul.


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