Will you be the radiant sun or the pouring rain?

You are the only one that can save yourself from crestfallen life.
You cannot point fingers to people.
You have a choice and decision to make.

It is your life.
You control your own life.

Face your fears.
Have no doubt.
Reckon on your principles.

Take chances.
Try. If failed, keep on trying.
It will not be easy, but you can do it.

Don’t fall for mischiefs.
Don’t run.
Don’t just dream. Work hard for it.

Anchor yourself to something special.
Go beyond the comfort zone.

A lot may happen into your life.

You’ll smile, laugh your ass off.
You may be disappointed, sad and cry yourself to sleep.
You could get angry, be tired, and totally may not give any damn.

There will come a time where you can fiercely confront what’s in store for you.
You’ll feel strong despite of all the flaws.

Where you could afford to wear tiara or a crown,
But you’d decide to be just plain, simple and humble.
Instead, you wear a flower crown.

In the end, only you can choose your ticket to be in cloud nine.
Never give up.


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