After stressful days, I’m back to my own anxiety-less self. I’ve been into different places, met different people, tried different things, learned different principles in life..

I am happy.

I was able to handle another battle where I have to stand up not only for myself, but also for those who believed and still believing on me.
I almost experienced this giving up stage where I want to stop what I’ve been started. But there were some who said why would I give up, they told me I could do it.

So I did it.

I didn’t fail, though I lose.
But it’s also a win win situation for me, I guess. I gained enough knowledge, I had new friends, new advisers, new team. Because that’s what I really want, to take such opportunities.. AND RISK.

Taking risk is like an adventure, where there is no assurance what will happen next. This may be weird, but yes, I like surprises in my life. It’s okay for me to be disappointed, because I know life will not always be about me. It is not about winning.

I am proud of myself because I’ve been so brave. I cried a lot, because of fear, doubt, and bashes. I told myself that everything is going to be fine.. And I agree, things are going to be fine later on.

I am very thankful for those who supported me, asked me how I feel during those days, who were there when I was almost giving up, to those who wished me luck, to those who hugged me when I feel so weak. I love you, guys.

Another chapter in my life has ended.
Let me have another adventure? Yes?
Next time. 🙂

I’ve been listening to Sara Bareilles’ Brave. Haha. This lifts me upppp.


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