What a girl wants

She wants you to listen

You should listen to her stories, whether it is a funny one, a dramatic one or even a rant. She may say what she did  last week, what she had for lunch, where is she going next week, she’ll spend a day with her friends, whatever it is.. She may be talkative but she just wants to share a matter to you. She shares stories to you because she has trust in you.

She wants you to react

You should say something about what she is talking about. Remember, don’t just listen. Say your opinion and your thoughts about the topic. Or maybe ask questions. With that, she’d feel you are interested and curious.

She wants you to share

Of course, a girl isn’t self centered at all. There are quiet few, but most are not. She’s just afraid that she’ll sound too detective-ish if she ask you questions about yourself, your family, on what you are doing. She wants to know more about you and she wants you to be open to her.

She wants you to spend time with her

Clingy, others might say but it is okay. She wants to be with you. She wants your presence. Texting is OK OK to her, but it is better when the both of you are together personally. She doesn’t mind if where the both of you will stay. I mean, she doesn’t mind about the place or what will the two of you will do. If you’re going to watch movies, eat somewhere.. She just simply wants to sit beside you where she could talk to you face to face. She may be selfish at times because she is willing to spend her time with you.

She wants you to be honest

Just be real and honest. Don’t make up stories when she’s asking you such things. If you’re with your friends, tell her. If you can’t go on that date, tell her. It may upset her, but she’ll eventually understand you. Because that is what a girl is, understanding.

She wants you to be faithful/ loyal

Faithful and loyal maybe have almost the same meaning, but in reality there are difference. There will be girls who would like a guy to be faithful, others may prefer loyal.


She wants you to stay

Never leave her. Just stay in her life. Don’t ever break what she is willing to give to you, her promises, her love and her heart.


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