On The Rocks But Carrying-On

Another blog entry before the year 2013 ends!

I promised to someone that I’ll post something about him here in my blog. Yes, you read it right. It is “him” so obviously this is about a guy.

Wait, I have to clear something that you might misunderstood. This isn’t about what we have. This is his story, and he’s a good friend of mine.

We’ve been friends.. or bestfriends rather, for almost how many years. We’ve both studied in the same school during highschool and go to different university this college.

If I have a problem, I could easily reach for his help. Same for him, if he texted me and needs my help, I reply as soon as possible.
He usually asks me for opinion on some things. What can I say about that. How will he do it. If it is okay for me.

And… enough of explaining what we have.
Then let’s go to his current problem. Everyone’s problem…

You know what I’m talking about? It is LOVE. Yes, all capitalized to give emphasis. This goddamnit thing we called love. Ha ha.

He loves girls? Yes.
He flirts? Yes.
Is he in a relationship? No.

But he was once in a relationship. So technically speaking, he do not belong to the NGSB (no girlfriend since birth) Club. 😉

When he entered college he met this girl, let’s just call her J. Since her first name starts in letter J. And she might kill me if she found out that I blogged about her and this guy, I mean, what they had. Lol.

I remembered him saying that he already found who he was looking for. I was beyond happy knowing my guy bestfriend confessed that he’s in love. It was a good news, and what was better.. J loves her back.

But I’m not sure though if she reached into that point, if she really loved him. Or she just likes him? Or just an infatuation?

The sad part is, they have this little difference. Actually not a “little” It is a big deal..

This guy is Catholic.
J is Born Again Christian.

They have different religion.
For some reason, J decided to stopped this guy. She didn’t let him to be part of her life anymore.

Golden rule: You cannot be with someone with a different religion.

He can’t do anything, but to accept the fact that they cannot be together. Though they’ve been so sweet before.

What the f— is wrong with some people?

They will be sweet, caring, and loving to you. Then the next day, they’ll ignore you like nothing happened?

So he stopped because there is no other way for them to be possible. Well, unless he decide to convert religion. Nah. Too young to made a decision about that.

Anyway, now he’s not that gloomy anymore because he surrounded himself to a lot of people who makes him happy.

The funny thing is, he dated another girl lately.

* Conversation via SMS *

Guy: Wala lang yun, bes. Friendly date lang parang sayo. Hahaha.
Me: Sinong kasama mo?
Guy: Classmate ko dati. Medyo gusto ko sya pero hanggang friends lang talaga kasi Iglesia sya.

And he liked another girl with different religion. Ooops.

Me: Hanggang friends lang.. Religion na naman.
Guy: Kaya nga friends lang eh.
Me: What’s her name? 🙂
Guy: J—- M—— po. May isa pa sana kaso born again din.

HAHAHAHA. I have the most terrible and unfortunate guy bestfriend. Sorry, bes, but all I can say now is “Study first.” =))

Enough of the teasing. He might punch me once we hang out soon. HAHAHA.

What can I say…
There are still many fish in the sea, my bestfriend.

Sometimes not all people we meet are going to stay in our lives. Some are meant to leave and will give you lessons to be learned and memories to be treasured. And we’re still young, we have many more time to enjoy life. There are many more reasons to be happy.

Oh, deep. 😀

P.S. This blog post is not against J or to those other girls. I just shared my bestfriend’s heart ache that turned into just a funny story. HAHA. Peace, man.


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