“Changing of the seasons”

“So it’s over? I didn’t realize
It’s so much colder
But it was no surprise

Did you ever
Get to know me?
‘Cause it has never been so plain to see

When you say you won’t forget me
I can tell you that’s not true”
– Two Door Cinema Club

I am having a roller coaster kind of life these past few days. Actually, I am not having a terrible problem but I’m talking about my emotions.. They’re like a roller coaster that goes into circles and loops. It goes up. It goes down. I can’t even understand myself sometimes.

But I am not sad.
Not even happy.

I just go with the flow on whatever is happening to me right now.

If some people left, there would be others who’ll come.

Yes, there are people who left. For example, I have this friend that suddenly didn’t want to hang out with me anymore. I wonder why? But I don’t really mind. That isn’t a big deal to me. Well, she’s kind of a “weather-weather” friend to me anyway. So what’s the point of keeping our friendship if she only knows me when she has a lot of problems. I know right, there are a lot of people that do such things like that. They only know you, they’ll just approach you if they need something. If you’re that kind of friend, well, we can’t be friends. Never.

Anyway, what’s important is that I still have my college bestfriends (GFFs), my forever bestfriends from highschool, and my sister from another mother (bestest friend, Zia).

And here’s another one..

I somehow can’t figure out my feelings for someone, I gave up. I can’t help but to think what I just did. I let him go. He let me go. But it’s for the sake of both of us. So I didn’t cry, because there’s a good reason behind that decision.

Right now I still carry on. (Still sticks to the positivity!)

And I believe that in every loss, there will be something gained. 🙂


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