I Am Indecisive


I don’t have a permanent decision about things. During complicated situations, I don’t think carefully. I always rush things. Says things that can harm other’s feelings.

I always brag that I don’t regret anything in my life. I lied. There are regrets, of course. But knowing myself, I’m the positive type. As far as I can tolerate the positivity, I don’t want to think that I did things I don’t really want to do.

I know there are times I can’t control myself. Said things, done things, that I know I cannot no longer take back.

Sometimes I feel like I’m a failure. I always fail. I always hurt someone. I always think about myself. I admit, I have, or I should say “I had” selfish reasons.

Everytime I decide on some matter, I end up on thinking “Was it a good decision after all?”


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