Bloggers United 6: An Interactive Shopping Affair

Fashion, blogging.. Two things that are close to my heart. And when it comes to those two, the first thing that will pop into my mind are the style/ fashion bloggers.

In local fashion blogging, we have this so called “Bloggers United” where well known fashion bloggers gather. Where they sell some of their pieces worn from their blogposts, some are from their collection, from accesorries, to shoes, tops, everything that can be wear.


I went last Saturday, December 7, to Bloggers United 6. The event took place at World Trade Center, Pasay City. I have Saturday classes but luckily, it lasted until 1 in the afternoon only. I went straight to home and told my younger sister to accompany me to the event.


I didn’t really care about the bazaar, what I wanted to witness are my favorite bloggers. But I asked money from my Dad, just in case I’d like to buy some clothes. 😉

The first blogger I saw when we went there is Mikyle Quizon (crush aside from David Guison) And speaking of David Guison, he wasn’t able to be there. Because of other agenda.

When I saw Mikyle, I told my sister. “Oh my God, si crush. Oh my God.” HAHAHA. Too bad, I didn’t had a chance to have a picture with him or with Dani Barretto (his gf) But it was okay, at least I’ve seen them.


Someone tall passed into my side while roaming around BU6. Then I looked closer, it was Camille Co!! Such a gorgeous lady.


Then I bumped into Patricia Prieto, she’s prettier in person! I swear, she has the sweetest smile. And bubbly personality!


My sister and I went downstairs to check out another bazaar, a bazaar made it possible by Abs cbn? If I’m not mistaken. We dropped by into some stalls. Then we decided to go back to Bloggers United event, that was the time I saw my girl crush, LK!!


Hello there to my fitspiration, Lissa Kahayon. You are so sexy, I mean the kind of sexy that isn’t voluptrous but the physically fit woman. Not skinny. Not fat.

Then I also had a chance to have a picture with the very gwapo and tangkad, Seph Cham.


Hi there! He convinced me to buy this beautiful case for my BBZ10.


And look how beautiful these twins are, Vern and Verniece Enciso!! The sophisticated and the girly.

image image

Got so kilig when I asked if I can have pictures with them. *blushing*

At the end of the day, I said goodbye to my 2 500 dose of moolah. Lol. These were the items I bought in the event. Most of them are midriffs/ hanging shirts. Hehe.


But I had fun! Specially I’m with my “almost” twin, my younger sister.

See you on next Bloggers United? Yes? Yes!


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