Random thought for the day

You left me hanging on again.
You disappeared.
You decided to just run.

You managed to do nothing.
You let your angry heart to eat your lovely mind and soul.
You let it happen.

You are hurt, I know.
You love me, I know.
But how about trusting and being undoubtful?

You are kind hearted.
You are the opposite of it when you think life is being unfair to you.
Remember, be understanding.

Sorry, I am not good enough.
Or maybe I’m the worst?

But you know what hurts the most?
You even asked what if you do it to me?
To talk to your ex? You weren’t suppose to say that.
What’s your plan? To retaliate?

Then you stopped texting.
Okay then.
You’re always like that.

I want to fix this but I am somehow beyond exhausted.


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