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Blog challenge #2: Talk about your first kiss

I feel sorry for myself because I already forgot my first kiss, even the first “real” kiss. But I always remember the feeling of being kissed by someone or me kissing someone. The butterflies I had during such sweet kisses, isn’t it a cute feeling?

And talk about how nervous I was during the first time I kissed someone. The chills and the thrill I felt. It was an amazing feeling too. It was like expressing how much that person matter to me, saying “I love you.” or “You’re important to me.”

If I’m not mistaken, it’s been years (?) since the last time I kissed someone on the lips, or someone kissed my lips. Do you know the reason why I decided not to kiss anyone (I mean the lips to lips)? Even though I experienced it already when I was younger. Because I think it is a genuine kiss. It is a kiss that I should only give to the most important person/ guy in my life. I’m just waiting for the perfect moment to give that kiss to someone and I want to be special. Not only for me but also for him.

But I usually make the “beso-s” or the kiss on the chin to my friends, close friends, best friends, family.

There are a lot of types and kinds of kisses and I don’t know everything. But if you’ll ask me what kind of kiss I really want is.. This may sound so corny or childish, but I really adore someone kissing me on the forehead. I feel so secured and protected when someone kisses me on the forehead. It is like saying I don’t have to worry and with that, trust is gained. For me, it is the most sincere and dearest kiss. But of course I’d like to experience other kisses. Lol. Honestly speaking and not being a goody good girl here.

Speaking of other kisses, of course there’ll be a right time for those. 🙂

So there you go, my brief opinion and sharing about the kisses. Haha. Sorry for not remembering the first kiss I had. That’s why I just settled on discussing some things about kiss. 😀

“The secret is,” I say, whispering right into his ear, “that yours was the best kiss I’ve ever had in my life.” – Before I Fall, Lauren Oliver


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