The Chill Pill Playlist

While the kids and rest of the neighborhood are busy because of this so called trick or treat (It’s halloween that’s why), I’m just here inside our house (as always) chilling and doing nothing.. Well, I usually read or do some house chores. I usually eat when I’m bored but it isn’t obvious though, because I’m skinny.

I decided to blog something again, horaaaayyy! A playlist again, I guess. What kind of playlist? A chill pill playlist, yes. So here are the songs that I’ll include to “The Chill Pill Playlist”:

Step – Vampire Weekend
Carried Away – Passion Pit
Beach Baby – Bon Iver
Easy Kind of Love – Michael Castro
Wings – Birdy
Young Folks – The Kooks
Tennis Court – Lorde
Youth – Daughter
You Could Be Happy – Snow Patrol
Sweater Weather – The Neighbourhood
Love Lost – The Temper Trap
Tonight You’re Perfect – New Politics
Love Like This – Kodaline
Falling – Haim
Champagne Supernova – Oasis
Somewhere Only We Know – Keane
Time To Pretend – MGMT

There are many more, actually A LOT, of songs I want to share to you my dear reader. I’ll put another playlist next time. Watch out! 🙂


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