A Friendly Reminder From Yours Truly

We have to remember that in any blessing, opportunity and privileges that we encounter, we have to stay humble.

The problem in other people is that they tend to loose their old self when they achieved something and recognized. Why? Some would be like one of the haughtiest. Some would forget what they were from the past. Some would hardly remember the people they’re with before. Actually, it is okay to be proud of something, specially when you acquired it with such hardwork and determination.

Just like what I’ve posted last time about change, it is okay to change. But you have to be responsible enough to what and who will be affected when you decided to change. It is always right to change for the better but sometimes others would not think about it (I mean, if it is for the better.) They’ll just change for what they like them to be.

Never be over confident of what you have and what you’re capable of. Of course, it is great if you almost know about everything and how to work on things. Or if you have good physique and face.

Compliments make us feel so special and bring positive vibes into us. Be thankful for the compliments, but never be conceited, braggy, bigheaded.. I don’t know the proper term. Being conceited is not appropriate attitude.

Remind yourself that no matter how far you achieved, no matter how big and successful you are, how people think you’re living the dream.. Keep your feet on the ground. πŸ™‚


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