Do a Flip Flop In Your Life

“I like to think how funny life is: how so much change. How people change.” – Before I Fall, Lauren Oliver

So I was reading this novel, Before I Fall, and quoted that line because it is kind of realistic. Don’t you think?

We always experience change. It is impossible to live without any change in any aspect of our lives. I, myself, experienced it already as time goes by. Or should I say still experiencing? Or will soon experience change again?

Change is a big word. Which is broad topic, it maybe a change for the better, change for the worse. Sometimes we can’t prevent such changes in our lives. Sometimes in just a snap of fingers… there you go, things already changed. But sometimes we have a choice, are you going to change or not?

Just like what I’ve said earlier, change maybe a positive or a negative. But I’m telling you, don’t be afraid of the changes. It is part of our lives. You’re not doing it right if you’re not experiencing changes. Take the chances, whether you have to change or not. Just always remember that in every change that you’ll do, be sure that you’re capable of the consequences.


Do not fear changes. Be risky, because life gets more interesting if you take risks.


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